Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Darkest Hours to Highest Praises (Part 3)

Pastor Mike and Stacy arrived sometime around 9 and gathered everyone to the living room to pray.

As Mike was praying my phone rang and it was Brian.

We all held our breath as Brian began to share the update with us…And he shared the BEST update...

Ethan was stable and he was going to be OK.

He wasn’t just OK, he managed to escape the accident with very minor injuries and some decent bangs and bruises.

We were able to put the call on speaker and Ethan spoke to everyone in the room bringing us all to tears.

We rejoiced and praised God Almighty who we KNOW protected Ethan and spared us from our worst fears.

By the grace of God we received a miracle and a second chance.

Much like the pain I felt deep within my soul the same is true for the JOY, relief and absolute gratitude. My heart is overflowing and my life is forever changed.

Now more than ever before I am a proud and THANKFUL momma of FOUR!

Hugs your babies tight and say I love you A LOT.