Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It has become a tradition in our home to celebrate the kids GOTCHA Days. Their GOTCHA day is the day they became ours.

For Ethan and Sadie that day is August 12 and for Madison its August 20.

On their GOTCHA day we allow the children to pick any restaurant they want to celebrate at and then we allow them to choose any desert they want.

This year all 3 of these kids picked Chili's to celebrate their day.

Well this past Sunday we went to Chili's after church and Madison said - "Let's pretend its Mom's GOTCHA Day". And I smiled and said "Madison that is so sweet".

Then she said "I think we should celebrate the day we GOT YOU" :-)

Ok, does it get any better than that????

I LOVE my life, I LOVE my kids and I know that I know that I know I am blessed beyond measure.


Katie (and Tony) said...

THAT is precious!

mom2four said...

That is so sweet and this post is obviously VERY late.