Thursday, February 26, 2009

Too Cute For Words....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When I'm a Daddy...

One of my MOST favorite things to do is tuck the kids in to bed at night. Not just because that task leads to a quiet house and Brian and I getting some one on one time but because of the great conversations I get to have with the kids.

Much like this one:

Ethan: "Mommy, can we talk about when I'm a daddy".
Me: "Sure Ethan, what are you going to do when you are a daddy?"
Ethan: "I'm going to have 2 sons and 2 daughters"
Me: "Really, that's great"
Ethan: "Yep, and I'm not going to let them have a dirty room. If they don't clean their room they are going to have 2 consequences. The sons will have to clean their whole room and the whole house and the daughters will have to clean their whole room and all the floors"
Me: "Really?" (thinking, hmmm...maybe I should try that!!)
Ethan: "Yep and I'm going to let my sons work in the yard with me and help do my chores".
Me: "That's great! What about your daughters"
Ethan: "Um, I don't know. That'll be up to the mommy"
Me: (Smile) "Your daddy lets the girls help him in the yard and with his chores. Do you think you might"
Ethan: "Maybe. I will take my kids on dates like daddy does".
Me: "That's nice Ethan - it sounds like you are going to be a good daddy"
Ethan: "I changed my mind. I'm just going to have 1 son and 1 daughter. The other 2 are GONE!"


Well after that I was speechless. So I gave him a big kiss and wished him sweet sweet dreams.

Being a wife and mother has to be life's GREATEST gift.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The (sort of) unsolved Mystery....

A few weeks ago I cleaned the kids bedrooms. REALLY REALLY cleaned their bedrooms.

I cleaned under their beds, their dressers, their closets, their toy boxes, book shelves. You name it - I cleaned it and organized it.

In doing so I removed a total of 4 trash bags FULL of stuff/junk from their rooms. 2 bags were TRASH and the other 2 were bags I gave away.

Well...this morning Sadie says to me very matter-of-factly...

"Mom, my elephant and kitty are missing".

I (not remembering what I did a few weeks ago) said "oh honey, I'm sure there are in your..."

Before I could finish she said "no mom, they've been gone a long time and I have looked and looked and looked EVERYWHERE and I can't find them anywhere. I just know someone came into the house and TOOK them"

Just then the light bulb went off - I was that somebody. I must have either thrown them away or given them away. There's really no telling. I thought they were just stuffed animals - she has a million. Who wouldda known just how much she LOVED these two???

So what do I do? I haven't fessed up yet. Instead, I told her I'd help her look for them but her response was "No, mom. It's no use - they're gone!". do I get out of this one?

Remember - Don't Cook Tonight

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Happy Eating,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't Cook Tonight -

Calvary Chapel PSL and Papa John's have teamed up in an effort to bring Calvary's Mission Team to Lima Peru.

Order any one of these 3 Calvary Specials Today (2/17) or Tomorrow (2/18) and 10% will be donated to CC Mission Team.

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Happy Eating,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anything Boys Can Do....

....Girls can do too.

We spent a part of our Valentine's Day today at the "range". Brian bought me a gun (how sweet!) and wanted me to test it a bit before my big class next Saturday.
The day was spectacular. All of the kids had a great time and I even enjoyed myself a bit too.
Truth be told I'm not really into the whole shooting thing. BUT...Brian is an avid hunter and because he grew up in a military/law enforcement family he has a great passion for artillery.
So as long as the things are going to be in my house I want our family to be educated and taught the proper respect and dangers of fire arms. It's like having a pool and teaching your kids to swim. It's a necessity!!
Today was my first time actually going and I was so impressed to see just how much the kids had learned in their lessons with Brian.
They were all so careful, respectful and obedient.
Ethan by far has the greatest interest. He can load, cock, aim and shoot almost without assistance. He is VERY careful and VERY focused.
And he was so proud his momma actually shot a gun.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

R.I.P. "Rainbow"

Today we said our final goodbye's to "Rainbow", Sadie's hermit crab.

It is indeed a sad day for all. Sadie is TRAUMATIZED and deeply saddened that her crab is no longer among us.

She and Madison greeted the crabs this morning with usual hellos and Madison noticed Sadie's crab was a "little tired".

Upon further investigation they discovered the worst.

It was SO sad...

Sadie came running and screaming and crying "my crab is dead", "my crab is dead". "Mommy, Mommy my crab is dead".

All I could was hold the poor girl as she cried and cried. She kept saying "I didn't even know he was sick" I didn't even know he was going to die"...

Oh Gosh, it doesn't get easier...just a few weeks ago Madison's poor hermit crab died.

She insisted on calling her daddy and cried the sad story to him. He promised to give "Rainbow" a well deserved burial this evening.

All that is left is QB. Which Ethan has graciously offered to both his sisters - neither want him...

SO...the question is:

Do we replace Rainbow and Hermie? Or do we spare any future creatures the dangers of being a pet in the Growing Garcia's home?

Advice please...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sticker shock

As you know Sadie dislocated her hip last Nov. (Those of you that don't know can read about it here).

I just received the bill for that 17 hour painful ordeal and I have to 1st say THANK YOU Jesus for insurance and 2nd HOLY COW!!!

Her 17 hours cost $15,440.75 (not including the ambulance ride - that was another $575.00).

She was given 3 pain killers and a sedative. Those charges totaled just under $3k! The CT was another $3500, then there were some xrays and of course the ortho that popped her hip back in. For a grand total of $15,440.75.

It is SO sad that NO insurance company has EVER made money on us. We spent 3 times our annual premium in just this one visit. This doesn't include any of Sadie's major surgeries, or the time she broke her arm, or the 3 visits Ethan made to the ER, or his 2 surgeries, or Madison's trip to the ER.

Let's not forget about our "regular" doctor visits or the sick trips we often make during flu season.

WOW! Can I just say one more time THANK YOU Jesus for insurance and HOLY COW!!!

Too Big for Mama...

This my friends is my most heat wrenching post to please indulge me by saying "ahhh", and "I'm soooo sorry" and "that happened to me too, when...."

My precious son Ethan is (was) a Mama's Boy. Just last night, we laid on his bed together for 45 minutes talking. He was sharing stories of the day, stories of the past and even his future plans as a daddy and husband. (A VERY interesting post I will save for later ;-).

He loves it when I tuck in him at night, read him bedtime stories and snuggle until he's tired enough to fall asleep. And I have to admit I love it too.

Well this morning I was taking the kids school and I decided to park and walk them in. Instead of dropping them at the car pool lane. The kids (I thought) love it when I do this.

When I turned into the parking lot and Sadie let out a screech of excitement and Madison screamed "yeah!!" So I got all giddy inside knowing I have just done something to bless my children which naturally blesses me.

Well, Ethan says, "I don't like it when we go this way".

So I say "why honey"

And Ethan says "I just want to get my stuff and go to class, that's it"

So I park the car and try to process exactly what is going on. As I open the door and start collecting book bags and lunch boxes Ethan says "can I just go now please?"

Before I could respond he left me and the girls in the dust. He was off with his "guy friends" walking to class. :-(

I was left standing with with girls and Sadie says "I guess Ethan doesn't want to wait for us."

So the 3 of us went it. The girls hugged and kissed me front of their friends and I wished them a happy day and then I just waved to Ethan.

Now I sit and type - shocked and sad but realize this is the progression of life...My boy is growing up and it's not so natural for him anymore to be all cuddly and mushy in front of the "boys".

I am left to cherish our quiet moments alone together and pray that all though the PDA may be behind us the mama's boy instead will never grow up.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Dear Friends,

I recently meet with the owner of Celebrate Children International.

Sue is headed to Ethiopia later this month and hopes to bring with her enough formula to fulfil the orphanage's needs until her next trip.

The formula she uses is Berkley & Jensen Milk Formula with DHA & ARA (51oz). BJ's has a $3.00 off coupon in this months flyer.

If you have this flyer and you are not using this coupon would you PLEASE mail it to:

1757 W. Broadway ST.
Suite 5
Oviedo, FL 32765-8125

Happy Birthday - Mickey

Today I am wishing the world's GREATEST Mother-In-Law EVER the HAPPIEST (71st)birthday EVER!!!

Mom, I hope you day is every bit as special as you are. :-)

All my love!

Monday, February 2, 2009

For Today....

My dearest friend Dawn recently started writing in The Simple Women's Daybook. It's a brilliant way to journal without the pressure of journaling. The book asks simple questions and you fill in the blanks...I love to journal and this method is SO simple yet it captures all that is important to me. LOVE IT!!!

Here is my entry for today.

For Today Monday 2/2/2009...

Outside my window... it’s dark now (9:37pm) and the temp is dropping. Another cool front moving in.

I am thinking... how quiet the house is and how tired I am!

From the learning rooms... books – all the kids are learning to read or practicing their reading. I am enjoying this very much because I am promised alone time with each child to read with them. I am cherishing those moments.

I am thankful for... a great life!

From the kitchen... A simple night tonight - hot dogs and beans with mashed potatoes. Brian and my father-in-laws favorite :-)

I am wearing... the usual – yoga pants and long sleeve tee. Comfy! :-)

I am reading... Just finished Leotta’s Garden by Francine Rivers. Great Book!!

I am hoping... the Lord will unite Brian and I in our adoption journey….we both hope to add to our family but the Lord hasn’t spoken to Brian about where/when yet….although I am convinced He has spoken to me. Unite us please Lord – either way – just unite us please…

I am creating... this new cool simple journal. Thank you Dawn!!!

I am hearing... from the Lord. Love His sweet gentle whisper.
Around the house... quiet. No TV or radio -just the sound of me typing.

One of my favorite things... Oh, I have so many, I can't name just one. Reading with the kids, football with Ethan on Saturday mornings, gymnastics with the girls on Monday nights, food, friends, family, faith, dates with Brian…I really have SO many!!

A few plans for the rest of the week... finish up some documents for the mission trip to Peru, celebrating my mother-in-laws 71st birthday, cleaning, lots of cleaning!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

This is a real picture of real orphans longing for a real family!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

We lost another one...

Remember this post?

Well Saturday night the kids were having a sleep over at my moms.

It's was about 9:30pm and Ethan and Madison were passed out. Sadie on the other hand was bound and determined to pull out her loose tooth.

Have I mentioned how obsessive she is about her loose teeth. You can read this and this to refresh your memory if need be. :-)

So anyway, she's at it. Wiggling and jiggling. Doing all she can to get the tooth out!

My mom, you see, is NOTHING like me! She does not think this is cool or fun nor is she encouraging Sadie or telling her how brave she is.

In fact, she is doing the opposite. She's insisting Sadie STOP. She's reminding Sadie that "Nana doesn't like blood".

But Sadie doesn't have mercy. Not on her Nana and certainly not on her tooth.

Of course the tooth comes out and blood is everywhere. My mom is COMPLETELY grossed out! (I'm sorry mom :-)

Then...Sadie proceeds to give my mom instructions.

"Nana, you need to get me warm salt water". So my mom does. Sadie swishes and spits and swishes and spits.

Then she puts her hand out and says "Now, you have to pay me."

So my mom says "wait, don't you have to bring it home and doesn't the tooth fairy come or something".

Sadie says "no, I pull out my teeth, then my mom has me rinse with salt water, then she pays me". "The first time she paid me I got 4 quarters, the 2nd time she gave me six quarters and now I need 9 quarters".

She was so proud she tried to wake her brother and sister. They didn't really care enough to get up (but they were excited for her in the morning). She did managed to wake up Pepe though and he gladly gave her a few bucks ($6.00) for her hard work and self torture.

Geese, what will tooth #4 cost me...

Taking ALL bets - her top tooth is also loose.