Thursday, February 12, 2009

R.I.P. "Rainbow"

Today we said our final goodbye's to "Rainbow", Sadie's hermit crab.

It is indeed a sad day for all. Sadie is TRAUMATIZED and deeply saddened that her crab is no longer among us.

She and Madison greeted the crabs this morning with usual hellos and Madison noticed Sadie's crab was a "little tired".

Upon further investigation they discovered the worst.

It was SO sad...

Sadie came running and screaming and crying "my crab is dead", "my crab is dead". "Mommy, Mommy my crab is dead".

All I could was hold the poor girl as she cried and cried. She kept saying "I didn't even know he was sick" I didn't even know he was going to die"...

Oh Gosh, it doesn't get easier...just a few weeks ago Madison's poor hermit crab died.

She insisted on calling her daddy and cried the sad story to him. He promised to give "Rainbow" a well deserved burial this evening.

All that is left is QB. Which Ethan has graciously offered to both his sisters - neither want him...

SO...the question is:

Do we replace Rainbow and Hermie? Or do we spare any future creatures the dangers of being a pet in the Growing Garcia's home?

Advice please...


Anonymous said...

Take them to the causeway when the water is calm and let them find and play with the hermit crabs with the understanding that they have to leave them there until the next visit when they can find them all over again. We do that with our kids and it entertains them for at least 2 hours.


Jen said...

GREAT Advice Heidi. THANK YOU.