Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome Home Grandstaff's

Thank you all who helped pray my friends home from Ethiopia.

They landed earlier today and are home now as a family of 6. :-)

You can read about their journey and see their beautiful family here.

Grandstaff's we love and are praising God for his blessings upon your family.

Can't wait to see all 6 of you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gotta love those Taggers

So I've been tagged again. This time by Nicole...

The theme of this one is - Honest Bloggy - and I'm being asked to list 7 things about myself that you may not know.

I am pretty transparent so it'll be hard for to come up with 7 things - but since I'm a good sport I'll give it a try. :-)

1. I'm a Mary who wants a Martha for a sister. I love to have things neat and orderly, clean and put away BUT I'd much rather fellowship with my friends and family then worry about the mess.

2. I'm the type of mom that openly praises and cheers on her kids because I don't want to be the type of mom that openly criticizes and complains about her kids.

3. I am also the type of wife that openly praises and cheers on her husband...because I do not want to be the other type of wife.

4. I believe happiness is a choice!

5. I believe life is what you make it!

6. I am content with who I am yet I cling to the promise that God is not through with me yet.

7. I would like just one more little Garcia (maybe more, but for now I'll take just one)

If your reading this - you've been tagged.

Please play along :-)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Epiphany - Public Service Announcement

We have been having this dryer issue here our house.

Like most things it started out as no big deal...

The dryer was taking longer and longer to dry our clothes.

We'd put the full load in and set the dryer to it's highest temperature and length of time. When the dryer would buzz we'd check the clothes, they'd still be wet so we'd extend the time.

All the while we were talking about how we really needed to buy a new dryer. But since I like to buy things in sets (so they match) and the washer was working just fine I kept putting off. Besides, I really have my heart set on the new energy efficient front loaders with the pedestal drawers!

So, we just kept extending the length of dryer time. By this time last week we were at 3 clycles (hours) to dry 1 load of laundry!!!

Well, we also got our electric bill last week. It was a whooping $400.00!!! Have you have heard that saying "money talks". Well let me tell you IT's TRUE!

After we picked ourselves up off the floor we realized we might really want to look into this dryer thing.

Brian immediately pulls the dryer out, checks all that he can. He pulls the vent out from the wall and tests the dryer. It works beautifully with the exception of all the stream and moisture it flooded the room with. But the clothes were dry in minutes (not hours!).

He tried to vacuum the wall duct - huh - word of advise - don't bother.

He opened the phone book and discovered there is an entire section dedicated to dryer vent duct cleaning services. REALLY? Who knew?

So I called one of them the next morning and they came that day!!!

Can I just say he extracted enough lint to make a years worth of clothes for all the children in the WORLD!!! Seriously, he said that our vent had more lint than any other he'd had ever cleaned before!!

Then he told me that clogged vents weren't just the cause of obnoxious FPL bills it was also the #1 cause of house fires!!

Thank heavens we and our home were spared such a disaster.

I couldn't help but post this little PSA - PLEASE have your dryer vent cleaned at least every other year. Your life literally depends on it.

BTW, I still have my heart set on those front loaders and I expect with ALL the money I will save on my new FPL bills they will actually be obtainable :-)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Prayer Request - for the Grandstaff's

My cherished friends Brian & Sarah Grandstaff are in Ethiopia this week picking up their (4th)daughter Kiley.

If you are reading this post PLEASE say a prayer for them. You may even consider posting a sticky note on your refrigerator so each time you see their name you can offer up a quick prayer on their behalf.

Their immediate prayer requests are:

1. Immediate bonding and attachment between us and Kiley.
2.That she would feel comfortable with us.
3. For all of our heath. It's very easy to catch things in Ethiopia. Especially with our US sensitive immune systems.
4. Safe travels and protection there and home (we have layovers in Dulles, London and Damascus)
5. No problems with our paperwork or immigration.
6. Safety and protection for Lauren, Emily and Kate while they wait for us at home.

Thank you all in advance for lifting my friends, their children and their travels up in prayer this week!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Typical Sunday Afternoon for the Garcia Boys...

Most men are watching football on Sunday afternoons.

But not my boys.

Instead they can be found somewhere in Ft. Pierce doing this...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monster Truck Jam

We went to the Monster Truck Jam for the first time and I don't know what we appreciated more: The GREAT company (we love you Carroll's!) or the GREAT show or the fact that we scored FREE tickets for both our families!!!

The night was indeed perfect!!

Before I show the pictures I have to confess something...

Brian and I are wannabe Rednecks. We really are! We live in the city simply because we like the luxury of gas stations, grocery stores and neighbors. But other than that we are ALL country.

The people, the entertainment, the atmosphere, the music, the animals, even the smells - WE LOVE IT!!!

So we began our evening like any other country folk headed out for a night on the town. We stopped at Sonic and splurged on a dinner "out".

Had our fill and made our way to fairgrounds.

Waited in line with the Carroll's and all the other Ft. Pierce residents.

As our turn approached we noticed the sign read $20.00 Adults. $15.00 Children. CASH ONLY.

Well you see, that poses a problem for us "city slickers". We only use plastic.

So we continued to wait in line and once it was our turn I asked a logical question.

"what do we do if we don't have cash"?

The lady politely tells me to get back into my car, get on the main road, drive about 3 miles and stop at the first gas station. There I would be sure to find an ATM.

So the 9 of us walked away dumbfounded. Wondering if that kind lady behind the window actually thought I would drive 3 miles to get cash!!

Thankfully a kind officer heard and saw all that had transpired. He must have been from the "city" because he understood that what was being asked of us was completely beyond our comprehension. Not only did he understand but he showed compassion.

The type of compassion that really only someone from the "country" would have. So maybe he was really country. Or once city now country....I don't really know. What I do know is he was kind and showed compassion and GAVE us 9 FREE tickets to get into the show.

Blessed our socks off!! And here are pictures to prove it.

Ethan, Aiden, Madison, Sadie and Drew - notice the tire behind them is twice their size!

Me and my boy

Brian and Sadie screaming with excitement

Boys are SO weird!

I guess girls are too
Aiden was sweet to escort Madison through the mass crowds.

Oh yeah - there were Monster Trucks too
We had the time of our lives and are thankful for yet another great Family Fun Night.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Loose Tooth - I mean TEETH!

Sadie lost her 2 bottom teeth last year. She just discovered that she now has an upper tooth that is loose...Oh the excitement. She can hardly wait.

Those of you that have been reading awhile know this is her cup of tea. She is a crazy women about pulling her own teeth then cashing in on her brave efforts!

We finally helped her come to conclusion that there was no rush. We could play hot potato and enjoy our family time, have a good night sleep and see how the tooth was doing in the morning.

She agreed.

Our nightly round of (EXTREME) hot potato began. A little digression here - just to set the scene...Our "hot potato" game is a combination of dodge ball, tackle football, monkey in the middle and of course hot potato. Oh, it's EXTREME! But loads of fun...

Ok back to the story...

So we're tossing this poor helpless stuffed animal around like crazy people. Somewhere in the chaos Sadie face meets Brian's fist. No worries - no body's out. Sadie caught the "potato" and quickly chucked it at her brother.

No time outs here - the game continues...

Brian (as usual) reigns as Champion. Sadie as usual is pouting. She's not a very good loser. (They say she gets that from me).

Anyway, as we're lecturing Sadie on how to "finish strong" and "winning isn't everything" - we realize she's NOT pouting!!

She's inspecting her tooth. Not her upper tooth BUT her bottom tooth. The fang tooth. It's now LOOSE too!!

And guess who did it?? Yep - Daddy!!!

Oh, but she's not upset. She's THRILLED! Now she has 2 loose teeth and lots of money pending.

Oh my...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Eulogy for "Hermie" the Hermit Crab

"Hermie" was a much loved and deeply cared for member of our family.

We remember "Hermie" as a crowd pleaser. He was active and energetic. He was not shy and truly enjoyed to be around all be people. Young and old alike.

Hermie lived a (short) but good life as a Garcia (24days!).

He will be deeply missed. I think...Actually I am not sure - I think the kids may have already forgotten...I think Hermie would want it that way.

In addition to the Growing Garcia's, Hermie leaves behind his PetSmart Pals - "QB" and "Rainbow".

Life is short - life as a Hermit Crab in the Garcia Home is SHORTER.

RIP, Hermie.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Surgery Update

Thank you for your prayers - Sadie is doing well.

We are home from the surgical center. Sadie is groggy and in some pain but all in all doing pretty good.

She should be her normal active self tomorrow.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Minor Surgery - Prayer Request

Sadie is having minor surgery in the morning and we would greatly appreciate your prayers if you are reading this post.

The procedure truly is a simple one. She is having tubes put in her ears (for the 3rd time). Currently she has one ear that has no tube and lots of fluid (the tube fell out). Her other ear still has the tube but the tube has caused some tearing and scare tissue.

Both issues are causing Sadie a 10% - 20% hearing loss. It is expected that once they remove the one tube and insert 2 new tubes she will hear again at 100%.

We chose to go with a T-tube instead of a standard tube. This tube is designed to stay in until taken out. Since this is her 3rd procedure due to the tubes falling out we thought this was a good option for her.

I will keep you posted and thank you in advance for your prayers for a quick, successful and rather painless surgery (and NO CNN!! :-).

What's with doctors offices/hospitals and CNN anyway?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Go Tigers!

It's football season again, and we are all geared up and ready to "tackle" the competion!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Report Cards

Ahh, it's that time again.

The time I get to see just how well I'm doing helping my kids learn their stuff.

I know, I know, they are in school and being taught by professionals. But those professionals are trusting me to ensure the reading, practicing of spelling words, helping in math, devotionals, etc is done on a daily basis.

Each 9 weeks I get to see how well I am doing and I have to say I'm doing alright. :-)

2 of the kids got all A's and B's. Yep!! They sure did. And one brought 3 subjects up and entire letter grade!!

WOW!! We are SO PROUD!! And all 3 kids received an A in Bible :-). Now if that doesn't make a moma proud I don't know what does.

Good Bye Rockstars

Have you heard???

My friends, "The Rockstars" are moving.

I am sad beyond words. :-(

Rockstars, over the few short months that our families have got to know one another I have been richly blessed. Your family is an inspiration to all.

AND...your fun, down to earth, relatable and strangely NORMAL!! :-)

I adore each of you and we will miss you terribly.

Here's a few captured memories:

We are praying for a safe journey, a sweet homecoming and God's best for your family.

Much Love, BIG Hugs and advance reservations for the Garcia crew at your new "camp".

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. Look at him - doesn't he just look like the world's GREATEST Pepe?
Dad, we wish you the happiest of birthday's and THANK YOU for making EVERYDAY special for us.
All our Love.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Clean Bill of Health

Sadie had a visit with the Orthopedic today and as expected he gave her a thumbs up to resume all physical activities. Including Gymnastics!!

This was her 6 week follow up appointment from the fall that dislocated her hip. The x-rays showed all growth plates were normal and she has fully healed. PTL!!

While waiting for the doc to exam her Sadie made her self at home in the exam room. She admired all his cool gadgets and especially liked the posters on the wall. The posters showed the inside of a knee and a hip. Including blood vessels, mussels, bone - you know all of the "good" stuff. So my "premed" student asked if I would please buy her these posters for her room.

Hmm - graphic posters of the anatomy...We'll see honey.

Well, on the way out she saw a family of skeletons. Full bone bodies, big ones, little ones...even baby ones. To add appeal some were even clothed. So now she wants the posters AND the skeletons.

Is this common for 6 year old girls?? Please DO tell...


If not, I do not recommend a Stress Test.

If so, I DO NOT recommend a Stress Test.

Bottom line - DON'T get a Stress Test.

Brian (who refuses to go to the doctor) went just for me. Just a normal "check up". He went through all of the standard questions. Seemed simple. He chose (I don't know why!) to share about a chest pain he had. (I know I know it's good to be honest with your doctor). So she hooked him up to an EKG. He failed!! She referred him to a cardiologist - where we spent a 1/2 day. They did another EKG. He failed!

Well I guess "failed" is the wrong word. There was an "abnormality". So they advised him to have a Stress Test to confirm all was ok.

3 days later we arrive for the stress test.

45 minutes we wait...and watch CNN.
We were upstairs.
They wanted us downstairs.
Downstairs didn't know we were upstairs.
Upstairs didn't tell us to go downstairs.
45 minutes we wait...and watch CNN.

Finally - both stairs figure out where we are and send Brian to begin the test.
I wait...and watch CNN.

Brian is injected with dye
Is given a cup and told to drink as much (tap - GROSS) water as possible.
We wait....and watch CNN.

Brian goes back downstairs for pictures
Then sent back upstairs
We wait...and watch CNN.

Brian is sent back downstairs.
He's hooked up to leads
Brian waits downstairs
I wait (upstairs)...and watch CNN

An hour and 1/2 hours go by - NOTHING, No doc, no nurse NOTHING.
He's 1/2 naked
Hooked up to a zillion things
I'm waiting....and watching CNN
He calls...asks me to check with the front desk.
I check.
The upstairs didn't know the downstairs was ready for the doc.
They send doc downstairs
I wait...and watch CNN

Test is almost over
We are sent for lunch
We have just 1 hour to pick Sadie up from school (she has a ortho apt), eat lunch and get back.

Mission is accomplished
We arrive back - just in time

They take more internal pics of Brian
I wait...and WATCH CNN

8 hours later - We're DONE!
8 hours later - Test is OVER!
8 hours of CNN...

I think I need a STRESS TEST!

PS - The results will be in next week. BUT the doc says "if he were a betting man" we have nothing to worry about. Hmmm.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Chason

Happy 1st birthday little man!! I can't wait to see you and give your birthday squeeze :-)

Much Love and Big Hugs.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Boys, Toys & Friends

This morning my men spent the day with their friends Dave and Aiden "bonding" the way only *boys* can :-)

Ready, Aim, Shoot

Aiden is a natural

Target in sight....

Ethan in all his Glory!!

So proud! :-)