Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pictures that make your heart smile...

That what this picture did.

The morning after the accident I woke up to this picture of Ethan and his beautiful smile.
It carried me until I was able to hug him and see this smile in person.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Darkest Hours to Highest Praises (Brian's Perspective)

Thank you again for being there for us, watching over our family, and for your prayers while the Lord, Ethan, and I endured the trial we faced last week. The specialist look at Ethan’s ears and the Lord once again showed us how great, wonderful, amazing, and protecting He can be. The specialist informed us that there is nothing more than a minor laceration in Ethan’s left ear and that neither of his ear drums have been ruptured.

The night of the accident I kept beating myself up over and over again because I knew how the accident happened but could not recall exactly what I did to prevent it or protect Ethan. I kept asking myself how Ethan and I got separated in the accident and how I failed to protect him or shield him with my own body or something. I realize now that even though I am not Superman we have and serve a Super God. It wasn't until the morning after when all the excitement settled down that Ethan shared that he didn’t think he was still on the four wheeler when it rolled over and that it did not roll over him and after speaking to the other individuals that were there it was confirmed that when the four wheeler rolled over the only person still on it was me. We were both thrown off the vehicle, I was thrown down the hill and able to get to my feet to avoid the four wheeler that was following me and Ethan was thrown up hill. My hunting buddy Richard that we are up here with basically said “Other than Gods divine intervention he cannot explain how Ethan and I were removed from harm’s way, we witnessed a miracle yesterday”. According to the laws of physics that four wheeler should have rolled right over the top of both of us and there is no earthly scientific explanation for how a 60lb eight year old boy that is behind his 200lb father on a four wheeler that is starting its decent down the hill defies gravity and gets tossed up hill.

Ethan is still not sure how he got off the four wheeler. All he remembers is hitting the ground and hitting his head. I have explained to him that there is only one explanation and that is God. And that even though we both got some lumps and bruises it was only by Gods divine intervention that we were able to walk away.

We have decided that we are not going to let the accident ruin the wonderful trip that we have had and cloud the memories of the time we have had on this trip together. That we will continue to focus on the plans that God has for us and why we are here.

So to focus on the positive:

Ethan’s first turkey (see previous posts for pics):

· 26lb

· 1” Spurs

· 10” Beard

For you gents that don’t turkey hunt. The largest turkey bagged in this region was 28lb. To get a turkey in itself is a big deal. To get one on your first hunt is a bigger deal. To get a trophy your first time is even a bigger deal. This was my forth time turkey hunting and Ethan’s first. This is my first time getting a turkey as well so to let the devil take the joy of Ethan and I getting our first turkey together we just can’t do.

Praise God and please continue to pray for us. Pray that we have a safe travels home.

Much love,
Brian & Ethan

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Darkest Hours to Highest Praises (Part 3)

Pastor Mike and Stacy arrived sometime around 9 and gathered everyone to the living room to pray.

As Mike was praying my phone rang and it was Brian.

We all held our breath as Brian began to share the update with us…And he shared the BEST update...

Ethan was stable and he was going to be OK.

He wasn’t just OK, he managed to escape the accident with very minor injuries and some decent bangs and bruises.

We were able to put the call on speaker and Ethan spoke to everyone in the room bringing us all to tears.

We rejoiced and praised God Almighty who we KNOW protected Ethan and spared us from our worst fears.

By the grace of God we received a miracle and a second chance.

Much like the pain I felt deep within my soul the same is true for the JOY, relief and absolute gratitude. My heart is overflowing and my life is forever changed.

Now more than ever before I am a proud and THANKFUL momma of FOUR!

Hugs your babies tight and say I love you A LOT.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Darkest Hours to Highest Praises (Part 2)

On the eve of their last Kentucky night while enjoying their last ride on the four wheeler, the unthinkable happened.

Brian and Ethan were in a horrible accident! Brian remembers being thrown from the four wheeler and he was sure Ethan was thrown as well.

When Brian managed to get on his feet he called out for Ethan. Ethan returned the call with a hurt cry. Brian in sheer fear ran over to his son who was bleeding from his ear and the back of his head. When Brian asked if he was ok Ethan shook his head no. Brian could see the fear in his eyes and knew he felt the same fear.

The hour long ride back to civialization felt like an eternity. Brian rested Ethan on his chest and together they sang songs, recalled past hunting trips and prayed. All in an effort to keep Ethan conscience and Brian calm as they made their way out of the woods where their buddies had raced ahead and called for help.

Just moments after exiting the woods the paramedics and EMT’s arrived, they quickly assessed Ethan and determined he needed to be Trauma Hawked to Cabell Huntington Trauma Center.

However, that decision required Ethan be transported to another location where the helicopter could land safely and in addition it prohibited Brian from being with his son during the scariest moment of their lives.

Brian had to let the trauma team do their job and take his son.

One of the paramedics just happened to be getting off duty at the same time and offered to drive Brian to the hospital with lights on and speeding all the way.

It was during that car ride that Brian was finally able to call me. And it was THAT call that made my heart stop.

Brian (my rock!) was crying. His voice was shaky and his words were unclear.

After several attempts Brian was finally able to say "Ethan and I were in a terrible accident on the four wheeler and Ethan has been trauma hawked to a hospital an hour away. I'm trying to get there now".

I had no idea exactly what had happened. I remember the laundry room I was standing in was spinning so fast I wanted to fall. My chest hurt so bad because I had stopped breathing. When I consciously made an effort to take a breath the pain in my heart was so severe I thought it might explode.

I called my parents and my sister and mumbled something but honestly, I don't know what. My sister dropped everything and came over to collect my kids and bring them to her house where they stayed and prayed with my brother-in-law Curtis.

Stephanie then orchestrated a prayer vigil at my house. One by one, people I know and trust and love so very much started showing up at my house. She made and answered all calls, made and served coffee. She handled EVERYTHING. My only responsibility was to breath and believe me when I tell you that was quite a feat. Every breath pierced my aching heart.

I have never ever felt fear or pain in the depths of my soul as I did that Monday night.

(more tomorrow)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Darkest Hours to Highest Praises (Part 1)

Brian and Ethan started spring break a day early. After months of planning the boys boarded a plane thursday afternoon and headed to KY for an all boy hunting trip.

While both Brian and Ethan have hunted many times together this particular trip was special because it was the first time they took a plane and visited the breathtaking state of KY. It was also Ethan's first time turkey hunting. Both "boys" were beyond excited. So much so that for weeks leading up to the trip neither of them could concentrate on anything except the final details of their getway.

I *knew* this was going to be a wonderful and memorable trip for the man and the boy I loved so very much.

Two and half days into the trip through a calculated (and joint) effort Brian and Ethan bagged their first turkey.And what a turkey it was!!!!This turkey was 26lbs, had 1” Spurs, and proudly boasted a 10” Beard.

For those of you (like me :) that don’t turkey hunt, the largest turkey ever bagged in that region was 28lb. To get a turkey is a big deal. To get one on your first hunt is a bigger deal. To get a trophy turkey your first time is an even bigger deal. This was Brian's forth time turkey hunting and Ethan’s first. Together it was their first turkey!!

There were two and half days left of their trip and although they were having the time of their life they considered coming home a day early.

However, when they ran into difficulties renting a car early they decided to stay at camp and the saying goes "boys WILL be boys!"

They rode four wheelers from morning till night. Exploring the camp, the beautiful country and the deep mountain roads.

The trip had proved to be everything they hoped it would be and more.


(more tomorrow)

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Country" Livin'

what do you get with....

the greatest Pepe ever
a little bit of child labor
and an overpaid (and underworked) Supervisor???
Home SWEET home!
You still need a "family" car in the country...
My "country" Princess
Even in the country
Sadie and Lola are never more than a phone call away... Showing the love
We *might* become a homeschooling family... if we ever move to the country... where learning is SO much more fun in your PJ's and with the ones you love... followed by an afternoon... COUNTRY NAP!!!!!
...and it certainly couldn't be called camping without...


We are lovin' lovin' LOVIN' our Country Life...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy BIG birthday to my "baby"

My "baby" boy is turning the BIG 5 tomorrow... I don't think he could be any happier. He's been waiting ALL year for this monumental event. His birthday wish is to be big like Ethan...and for a snake! YIKES...

~~~In honor of his special day we had a backyard birthday bash with his all of his favorites: his friends, the pool, of course water guns, cotton candy, a bounce house, pinata, and since his favorite meal is Taco's we had a huge taco spread for him and all his friends. It was a super great day celebrating my boy and his precious life.

And because I'm a sucker for that stunning smile of his, he even got that dang snake he wished for...
Happy birthday to my BIG boy who will always be my baby!

I love you Jacob Thomas Garcia forever and ever!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boys vs. Girls

We were guests of "Sandy Shoes Festival" with Education Foundation. It was boys vs. girls in the juice-off.

Madison and Sadie where super excited to pose for the cameras while the boys watched and plotted!

Jake and Ethan used team work to beat out Madison and Sadie by a 1/4 of a cup!