Friday, July 31, 2009

The Centurion

**REMEBER to pause my music at the bottom before playing the clip***

Worship night @ Calvary Chapel Port St. Lucie. James Cannata performing as the Roman centurion who nailed Jesus to the cross. Mark providing music. Standing ovation

If you haven't seen this performance I strongly encourage to check it out next time its here. AMAZING job James & Mark!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Please Pray...

Brian and I (and 23 others) are headed to Lima, Peru this Saturday.

A few days ago Sadie began complaining about a stomach ache. At first it was a casual mention but as time went on the complaints became more frequent and it seemed as though the pain was intensifying.

Sadie actually woke up this morning and asked me to take her to the doctors. Which I did. They ran tests on her and they all came up negative with the exception of her white blood count being elevated.

So they are running cultures and they put her on antibiotics until they could narrow down the source of the pain.

The culture reports won't be in until Monday. I will be already be in Peru by then. So needless to say I spent the day worried, concerned and wondering if going to Peru was the appropriate thing to do.

I spent time on me knees seeking the Lord's wisdom here...

Well just hours ago, Sadie confessed that she made the whole story up. Her stomach never really hurt.

She *thought* that if we *thought* she was sick that one of us would stay behind or that we would bring her with us...

Sadie is really having a hard time with Brian and I both leaving and leaving her behind.

Please pray for all of our children this week. It is HARD at best to leave them. It is even more difficult to know that they do not want us to go.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Play Dates

Do your summer playdates look like this?

Pictured above are Sadie, Ethan, Madison, Vinny, Sal, Kelli, Nick, Ashley, Lola, Casey, Tatiana, Ruby, AJ, Eli, Omar, Coral, Canyon and Chasen.

Yep, that's right. A WHOPPING 18 KIDS! And worthy of mention they ALL belong to just 5 moms!

Oh and also worthy of mention ~ the group is growing...more children are on the way :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blood & Gore...

Those of you that know me well ~ know that I like to capture EVERY moment on film that I can. I am just weird like that.

The pulling of two front teeth is NO if you enjoy blood and gore and self inflicted pain please enjoy these VERY graphic pictures.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Georgia ~ R & R

What else did we do in Georgia?

We went on hikes

Caught bugs
learned more about our new "friends"
and let them have a sleep over
we collected fire wood
lots and lots of fire wood
Ok ~ truth be told ~ the kids were just picking up the logs they knocked down :)

we spent the evenings "chatting"
having wine
and enjoying one another...
we had tickle fights with big cousins

we hung out at the pool
got some sun

got some more sun
We took it easy
Cooled off

And we chilled OUT

Georgia ~ 6 Flags White Water

We also went to 6 Flags White Water while in Georgia...

This was the first time my kiddos had been to a Water Park and they actually told me they liked it more than Disney World. WOW!!!

We didn't have a waterproof camera so I had to borrow the photos from the website.

Take a look at some of the slides we braved.

Sailed the deep blue

and took the plunge

Survived the Tornado

which was my favorite!!!

Loved the lazy river!!

settled here for a brief break

Then went tubing

Sadie and Ethan actually went down this "cliffhanger". My knees were shaking as I walked down all 10 stories (I was TOO scared to go down the slide). Sadie wanted to go again and Ethan said been there, done that and no need to repeat :)

Georgia ~ Amicalola Falls

While in GA we went on a Family Field Trip to Amicalola Falls. I *thought* Dunn's River in Jamaica was amazing until I went to Amicalola Falls.

Take a look....

The kids ~ just before the hike

Sadie, Ethan, Madison, Jackson, Timmy & Elisabeth

Another photo opp before the hike actually starts

Ok - maybe one more...

Ahh, we finally see the fall
So beautiful.

Here are a few of the 700 stairs we had to climb to get to the top

it was SOOOO worth it

FINALLY ~ we made to the top of the Fall and we enjoyed a buffet FEAST fit for royalty.

And the boys STILL have energy
The girls haven't slowed down either
Jackson, Madison, Sadie & Ethan

Grandma & Grandpa with cousin Jackson, Ethan, Sadie and Madison

Timmy Jr, Karen, Jax, Tim Sr., Grandma, Me, Sadie, Madison & Ethan

Aunt Karen ended the field trip by reading the kids a story @ the gift shop

Thank you Aunt Karen for building such sweet memories with the children.