Saturday, July 25, 2009

Georgia ~ Amicalola Falls

While in GA we went on a Family Field Trip to Amicalola Falls. I *thought* Dunn's River in Jamaica was amazing until I went to Amicalola Falls.

Take a look....

The kids ~ just before the hike

Sadie, Ethan, Madison, Jackson, Timmy & Elisabeth

Another photo opp before the hike actually starts

Ok - maybe one more...

Ahh, we finally see the fall
So beautiful.

Here are a few of the 700 stairs we had to climb to get to the top

it was SOOOO worth it

FINALLY ~ we made to the top of the Fall and we enjoyed a buffet FEAST fit for royalty.

And the boys STILL have energy
The girls haven't slowed down either
Jackson, Madison, Sadie & Ethan

Grandma & Grandpa with cousin Jackson, Ethan, Sadie and Madison

Timmy Jr, Karen, Jax, Tim Sr., Grandma, Me, Sadie, Madison & Ethan

Aunt Karen ended the field trip by reading the kids a story @ the gift shop

Thank you Aunt Karen for building such sweet memories with the children.