Thursday, July 30, 2009

Please Pray...

Brian and I (and 23 others) are headed to Lima, Peru this Saturday.

A few days ago Sadie began complaining about a stomach ache. At first it was a casual mention but as time went on the complaints became more frequent and it seemed as though the pain was intensifying.

Sadie actually woke up this morning and asked me to take her to the doctors. Which I did. They ran tests on her and they all came up negative with the exception of her white blood count being elevated.

So they are running cultures and they put her on antibiotics until they could narrow down the source of the pain.

The culture reports won't be in until Monday. I will be already be in Peru by then. So needless to say I spent the day worried, concerned and wondering if going to Peru was the appropriate thing to do.

I spent time on me knees seeking the Lord's wisdom here...

Well just hours ago, Sadie confessed that she made the whole story up. Her stomach never really hurt.

She *thought* that if we *thought* she was sick that one of us would stay behind or that we would bring her with us...

Sadie is really having a hard time with Brian and I both leaving and leaving her behind.

Please pray for all of our children this week. It is HARD at best to leave them. It is even more difficult to know that they do not want us to go.


April said...

Aww, Jen. That made me get all teary. I will pray for all of you. I know how Sadie feels though. We will all miss you while you're gone. But for some reason there is some divine plan that keeps insisting you get on the plane and help minister to the people of Peru. And since He seems to know better than me, have a great trip and know that your kids will be safe and loved while you're gone. =)

mom2four said...

How precious that she confessed.