Saturday, July 25, 2009

Georgia ~ feelin' the ♥

The kids and I spent time in Georgia this summer with my in-laws, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Many many womderful memories were made and lots of laughs were had.

Here are a few reasons I will cherish this get away for years to come.

My beautiful in-laws.
Gene and Tamara (my BIL & SIL :)

My MIL Mickey and my SIL Karen
My nephews: Josh and Timmy, they're very close :)

Pauline & Sadie, chillin' pool side

Me & My PITA ~ oops ~ I mean FIL :)

Sadie & Ethan ~ I so cherish these sweet moments

Sadie & Madison ~ having some snuggle time & watching TV

Nephew Michael & Ethan

Madison getting some love from Aunt Karen & Cousin Josh

Sadie getting her share of ♥ from Aunt Karen

Grandpa & Ethan

Even Michael & Elisabeth showed some love and made me proud!

Grandpa & Sadie

Grandma & Josh

Grandpa & Madison

Grandma & Ethan - oh how he missed her!!