Sunday, May 1, 2011

Darkest Hours to Highest Praises (Part 1)

Brian and Ethan started spring break a day early. After months of planning the boys boarded a plane thursday afternoon and headed to KY for an all boy hunting trip.

While both Brian and Ethan have hunted many times together this particular trip was special because it was the first time they took a plane and visited the breathtaking state of KY. It was also Ethan's first time turkey hunting. Both "boys" were beyond excited. So much so that for weeks leading up to the trip neither of them could concentrate on anything except the final details of their getway.

I *knew* this was going to be a wonderful and memorable trip for the man and the boy I loved so very much.

Two and half days into the trip through a calculated (and joint) effort Brian and Ethan bagged their first turkey.And what a turkey it was!!!!This turkey was 26lbs, had 1” Spurs, and proudly boasted a 10” Beard.

For those of you (like me :) that don’t turkey hunt, the largest turkey ever bagged in that region was 28lb. To get a turkey is a big deal. To get one on your first hunt is a bigger deal. To get a trophy turkey your first time is an even bigger deal. This was Brian's forth time turkey hunting and Ethan’s first. Together it was their first turkey!!

There were two and half days left of their trip and although they were having the time of their life they considered coming home a day early.

However, when they ran into difficulties renting a car early they decided to stay at camp and the saying goes "boys WILL be boys!"

They rode four wheelers from morning till night. Exploring the camp, the beautiful country and the deep mountain roads.

The trip had proved to be everything they hoped it would be and more.


(more tomorrow)