Monday, January 19, 2009

Minor Surgery - Prayer Request

Sadie is having minor surgery in the morning and we would greatly appreciate your prayers if you are reading this post.

The procedure truly is a simple one. She is having tubes put in her ears (for the 3rd time). Currently she has one ear that has no tube and lots of fluid (the tube fell out). Her other ear still has the tube but the tube has caused some tearing and scare tissue.

Both issues are causing Sadie a 10% - 20% hearing loss. It is expected that once they remove the one tube and insert 2 new tubes she will hear again at 100%.

We chose to go with a T-tube instead of a standard tube. This tube is designed to stay in until taken out. Since this is her 3rd procedure due to the tubes falling out we thought this was a good option for her.

I will keep you posted and thank you in advance for your prayers for a quick, successful and rather painless surgery (and NO CNN!! :-).

What's with doctors offices/hospitals and CNN anyway?


Christina said...

Hello Jenn,

Just wanted to let you know I will pray for you guys. Also Devon had a similar sugery. He also had them put in 3 times but the third was a charm he hears alot better now not a 100% but alot better. I hope this information is incouraging for you and your family.


Jen said...

Thank you Christina -