Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gotta love those Taggers

So I've been tagged again. This time by Nicole...

The theme of this one is - Honest Bloggy - and I'm being asked to list 7 things about myself that you may not know.

I am pretty transparent so it'll be hard for to come up with 7 things - but since I'm a good sport I'll give it a try. :-)

1. I'm a Mary who wants a Martha for a sister. I love to have things neat and orderly, clean and put away BUT I'd much rather fellowship with my friends and family then worry about the mess.

2. I'm the type of mom that openly praises and cheers on her kids because I don't want to be the type of mom that openly criticizes and complains about her kids.

3. I am also the type of wife that openly praises and cheers on her husband...because I do not want to be the other type of wife.

4. I believe happiness is a choice!

5. I believe life is what you make it!

6. I am content with who I am yet I cling to the promise that God is not through with me yet.

7. I would like just one more little Garcia (maybe more, but for now I'll take just one)

If your reading this - you've been tagged.

Please play along :-)


Nicole said...

I find number seven the most interesting..... Love ya