Thursday, January 8, 2009


If not, I do not recommend a Stress Test.

If so, I DO NOT recommend a Stress Test.

Bottom line - DON'T get a Stress Test.

Brian (who refuses to go to the doctor) went just for me. Just a normal "check up". He went through all of the standard questions. Seemed simple. He chose (I don't know why!) to share about a chest pain he had. (I know I know it's good to be honest with your doctor). So she hooked him up to an EKG. He failed!! She referred him to a cardiologist - where we spent a 1/2 day. They did another EKG. He failed!

Well I guess "failed" is the wrong word. There was an "abnormality". So they advised him to have a Stress Test to confirm all was ok.

3 days later we arrive for the stress test.

45 minutes we wait...and watch CNN.
We were upstairs.
They wanted us downstairs.
Downstairs didn't know we were upstairs.
Upstairs didn't tell us to go downstairs.
45 minutes we wait...and watch CNN.

Finally - both stairs figure out where we are and send Brian to begin the test.
I wait...and watch CNN.

Brian is injected with dye
Is given a cup and told to drink as much (tap - GROSS) water as possible.
We wait....and watch CNN.

Brian goes back downstairs for pictures
Then sent back upstairs
We wait...and watch CNN.

Brian is sent back downstairs.
He's hooked up to leads
Brian waits downstairs
I wait (upstairs)...and watch CNN

An hour and 1/2 hours go by - NOTHING, No doc, no nurse NOTHING.
He's 1/2 naked
Hooked up to a zillion things
I'm waiting....and watching CNN
He calls...asks me to check with the front desk.
I check.
The upstairs didn't know the downstairs was ready for the doc.
They send doc downstairs
I wait...and watch CNN

Test is almost over
We are sent for lunch
We have just 1 hour to pick Sadie up from school (she has a ortho apt), eat lunch and get back.

Mission is accomplished
We arrive back - just in time

They take more internal pics of Brian
I wait...and WATCH CNN

8 hours later - We're DONE!
8 hours later - Test is OVER!
8 hours of CNN...

I think I need a STRESS TEST!

PS - The results will be in next week. BUT the doc says "if he were a betting man" we have nothing to worry about. Hmmm.


Stephanie said...

WHAT!! YOU JUST STRESSED ME OUT. Okay not funny. He failed serveral times and oh by the way If I were to bet, he'll be okay. I you sure you weren't watching to much CNN.
love ya

nancy said...

Jennifer - I've been keeping up with you guys on the blog for quite some time now. I must blog very well, but this post had me in stitches!! Way too many stairs...definitely too much CNN and we're all stressed by the time we finish your post!! Praying all is well with Brian.

Take care - Nancy Askew