Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monster Truck Jam

We went to the Monster Truck Jam for the first time and I don't know what we appreciated more: The GREAT company (we love you Carroll's!) or the GREAT show or the fact that we scored FREE tickets for both our families!!!

The night was indeed perfect!!

Before I show the pictures I have to confess something...

Brian and I are wannabe Rednecks. We really are! We live in the city simply because we like the luxury of gas stations, grocery stores and neighbors. But other than that we are ALL country.

The people, the entertainment, the atmosphere, the music, the animals, even the smells - WE LOVE IT!!!

So we began our evening like any other country folk headed out for a night on the town. We stopped at Sonic and splurged on a dinner "out".

Had our fill and made our way to fairgrounds.

Waited in line with the Carroll's and all the other Ft. Pierce residents.

As our turn approached we noticed the sign read $20.00 Adults. $15.00 Children. CASH ONLY.

Well you see, that poses a problem for us "city slickers". We only use plastic.

So we continued to wait in line and once it was our turn I asked a logical question.

"what do we do if we don't have cash"?

The lady politely tells me to get back into my car, get on the main road, drive about 3 miles and stop at the first gas station. There I would be sure to find an ATM.

So the 9 of us walked away dumbfounded. Wondering if that kind lady behind the window actually thought I would drive 3 miles to get cash!!

Thankfully a kind officer heard and saw all that had transpired. He must have been from the "city" because he understood that what was being asked of us was completely beyond our comprehension. Not only did he understand but he showed compassion.

The type of compassion that really only someone from the "country" would have. So maybe he was really country. Or once city now country....I don't really know. What I do know is he was kind and showed compassion and GAVE us 9 FREE tickets to get into the show.

Blessed our socks off!! And here are pictures to prove it.

Ethan, Aiden, Madison, Sadie and Drew - notice the tire behind them is twice their size!

Me and my boy

Brian and Sadie screaming with excitement

Boys are SO weird!

I guess girls are too
Aiden was sweet to escort Madison through the mass crowds.

Oh yeah - there were Monster Trucks too
We had the time of our lives and are thankful for yet another great Family Fun Night.