Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Loose Tooth - I mean TEETH!

Sadie lost her 2 bottom teeth last year. She just discovered that she now has an upper tooth that is loose...Oh the excitement. She can hardly wait.

Those of you that have been reading awhile know this is her cup of tea. She is a crazy women about pulling her own teeth then cashing in on her brave efforts!

We finally helped her come to conclusion that there was no rush. We could play hot potato and enjoy our family time, have a good night sleep and see how the tooth was doing in the morning.

She agreed.

Our nightly round of (EXTREME) hot potato began. A little digression here - just to set the scene...Our "hot potato" game is a combination of dodge ball, tackle football, monkey in the middle and of course hot potato. Oh, it's EXTREME! But loads of fun...

Ok back to the story...

So we're tossing this poor helpless stuffed animal around like crazy people. Somewhere in the chaos Sadie face meets Brian's fist. No worries - no body's out. Sadie caught the "potato" and quickly chucked it at her brother.

No time outs here - the game continues...

Brian (as usual) reigns as Champion. Sadie as usual is pouting. She's not a very good loser. (They say she gets that from me).

Anyway, as we're lecturing Sadie on how to "finish strong" and "winning isn't everything" - we realize she's NOT pouting!!

She's inspecting her tooth. Not her upper tooth BUT her bottom tooth. The fang tooth. It's now LOOSE too!!

And guess who did it?? Yep - Daddy!!!

Oh, but she's not upset. She's THRILLED! Now she has 2 loose teeth and lots of money pending.

Oh my...


mom2four said...

My short version of your story (told to Dale was) Brian knocked Sadie's tooth out (which is not totally true) But Dale is starting to worry if Sadie will make it to adulthood. :-) We LOVE her! And exagerate around here I guess.