Thursday, January 8, 2009

Clean Bill of Health

Sadie had a visit with the Orthopedic today and as expected he gave her a thumbs up to resume all physical activities. Including Gymnastics!!

This was her 6 week follow up appointment from the fall that dislocated her hip. The x-rays showed all growth plates were normal and she has fully healed. PTL!!

While waiting for the doc to exam her Sadie made her self at home in the exam room. She admired all his cool gadgets and especially liked the posters on the wall. The posters showed the inside of a knee and a hip. Including blood vessels, mussels, bone - you know all of the "good" stuff. So my "premed" student asked if I would please buy her these posters for her room.

Hmm - graphic posters of the anatomy...We'll see honey.

Well, on the way out she saw a family of skeletons. Full bone bodies, big ones, little ones...even baby ones. To add appeal some were even clothed. So now she wants the posters AND the skeletons.

Is this common for 6 year old girls?? Please DO tell...