Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Eulogy for "Hermie" the Hermit Crab

"Hermie" was a much loved and deeply cared for member of our family.

We remember "Hermie" as a crowd pleaser. He was active and energetic. He was not shy and truly enjoyed to be around all be people. Young and old alike.

Hermie lived a (short) but good life as a Garcia (24days!).

He will be deeply missed. I think...Actually I am not sure - I think the kids may have already forgotten...I think Hermie would want it that way.

In addition to the Growing Garcia's, Hermie leaves behind his PetSmart Pals - "QB" and "Rainbow".

Life is short - life as a Hermit Crab in the Garcia Home is SHORTER.

RIP, Hermie.


Dave and Amy Carroll said...

fyi: my boys had a full conversation about hermie going/not going to heaven...

Nicole said...

How did you kill one already?