Sunday, February 1, 2009

We lost another one...

Remember this post?

Well Saturday night the kids were having a sleep over at my moms.

It's was about 9:30pm and Ethan and Madison were passed out. Sadie on the other hand was bound and determined to pull out her loose tooth.

Have I mentioned how obsessive she is about her loose teeth. You can read this and this to refresh your memory if need be. :-)

So anyway, she's at it. Wiggling and jiggling. Doing all she can to get the tooth out!

My mom, you see, is NOTHING like me! She does not think this is cool or fun nor is she encouraging Sadie or telling her how brave she is.

In fact, she is doing the opposite. She's insisting Sadie STOP. She's reminding Sadie that "Nana doesn't like blood".

But Sadie doesn't have mercy. Not on her Nana and certainly not on her tooth.

Of course the tooth comes out and blood is everywhere. My mom is COMPLETELY grossed out! (I'm sorry mom :-)

Then...Sadie proceeds to give my mom instructions.

"Nana, you need to get me warm salt water". So my mom does. Sadie swishes and spits and swishes and spits.

Then she puts her hand out and says "Now, you have to pay me."

So my mom says "wait, don't you have to bring it home and doesn't the tooth fairy come or something".

Sadie says "no, I pull out my teeth, then my mom has me rinse with salt water, then she pays me". "The first time she paid me I got 4 quarters, the 2nd time she gave me six quarters and now I need 9 quarters".

She was so proud she tried to wake her brother and sister. They didn't really care enough to get up (but they were excited for her in the morning). She did managed to wake up Pepe though and he gladly gave her a few bucks ($6.00) for her hard work and self torture.

Geese, what will tooth #4 cost me...

Taking ALL bets - her top tooth is also loose.