Friday, February 6, 2009

Too Big for Mama...

This my friends is my most heat wrenching post to please indulge me by saying "ahhh", and "I'm soooo sorry" and "that happened to me too, when...."

My precious son Ethan is (was) a Mama's Boy. Just last night, we laid on his bed together for 45 minutes talking. He was sharing stories of the day, stories of the past and even his future plans as a daddy and husband. (A VERY interesting post I will save for later ;-).

He loves it when I tuck in him at night, read him bedtime stories and snuggle until he's tired enough to fall asleep. And I have to admit I love it too.

Well this morning I was taking the kids school and I decided to park and walk them in. Instead of dropping them at the car pool lane. The kids (I thought) love it when I do this.

When I turned into the parking lot and Sadie let out a screech of excitement and Madison screamed "yeah!!" So I got all giddy inside knowing I have just done something to bless my children which naturally blesses me.

Well, Ethan says, "I don't like it when we go this way".

So I say "why honey"

And Ethan says "I just want to get my stuff and go to class, that's it"

So I park the car and try to process exactly what is going on. As I open the door and start collecting book bags and lunch boxes Ethan says "can I just go now please?"

Before I could respond he left me and the girls in the dust. He was off with his "guy friends" walking to class. :-(

I was left standing with with girls and Sadie says "I guess Ethan doesn't want to wait for us."

So the 3 of us went it. The girls hugged and kissed me front of their friends and I wished them a happy day and then I just waved to Ethan.

Now I sit and type - shocked and sad but realize this is the progression of life...My boy is growing up and it's not so natural for him anymore to be all cuddly and mushy in front of the "boys".

I am left to cherish our quiet moments alone together and pray that all though the PDA may be behind us the mama's boy instead will never grow up.


Katie (and Tony) said...

I'm so sad to read this. Something I never even thought about with Jack. Although he is 4 now, I must start carrying him the sling to ensure he never leaves me in the dust with his sister. Think I can carry him like that down the aisle? Ha! Seriously..that just plain stinks...I'm sooo sorry!