Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anything Boys Can Do....

....Girls can do too.

We spent a part of our Valentine's Day today at the "range". Brian bought me a gun (how sweet!) and wanted me to test it a bit before my big class next Saturday.
The day was spectacular. All of the kids had a great time and I even enjoyed myself a bit too.
Truth be told I'm not really into the whole shooting thing. BUT...Brian is an avid hunter and because he grew up in a military/law enforcement family he has a great passion for artillery.
So as long as the things are going to be in my house I want our family to be educated and taught the proper respect and dangers of fire arms. It's like having a pool and teaching your kids to swim. It's a necessity!!
Today was my first time actually going and I was so impressed to see just how much the kids had learned in their lessons with Brian.
They were all so careful, respectful and obedient.
Ethan by far has the greatest interest. He can load, cock, aim and shoot almost without assistance. He is VERY careful and VERY focused.
And he was so proud his momma actually shot a gun.


Sarah Grandstaff said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! So proud of you. : )