Thursday, November 20, 2008

1 Day - 3 dates, 1 ambulance ride and an overnight stay at Lawnwood Medical Center.


Yesterday started out with all intentions of being a perfect day.

Brian is on vacation so we woke up early got the kids ready for school and had a nice breakfast. Then we set off to the mall for a little one on one time before meeting our friends Nick & Heather for lunch and a LONG over due visit.

After lunch we meet another set of friends Lee & Julie for an afternoon outing.

The day was perfect. We had an great time catching up and being with our friends. As we were headed back into town my cell phone rang.

Thanks to caller ID I knew immediately it was the school. When the teacher began to speak I knew instantly something was wrong. VERY WRONG!

She told me Sadie fell from the monkey bars and landed on her leg. Her leg was bent and she couldn't move.

We were minutes from the school which is a miracle in and of itself.

After arriving I ran into the school office and saw what no mother EVER wants to see. Her child in enormous pain and inconsolable. We immediately called 911 and the EMT's arrived moments later.

Sadie was in excruciating pain. It was pure torture to move her from the seat she found little comfort on to the stretcher. She gave a good fight but in the end she aloud me to move her.

We rode together to hospital where she was treated like a celebrity. I can not say enough good things about the ER staff and all they did to comfort and help my daughter!!

They quickly gave her morphine. Which did NOTHING! So they sedated her in order to get an xray.

While the xrays were processing they prepared us for the worse - a broken femur and a trauma hawk to WPB. With all glory to God the xray revealed only a dislocated hip. It seems strange to be excited that my daughter had a dislocated hip. But EVERYONE (nurses, docs, EMT and us included) were SURE it was a broken femur! So a dislocated hip was a dream come true.

The ortho who was on call was fabulous. With some more pain meds (for a total of 3) they set her hip into place and we spent the remainder of the night recovering on the peds floor.

Sadie woke up at 5am this morning requesting ice cream and an early departure. By 9am we were saying our goodbyes - BUTT NAKED. The EMT's cut all of her clothes and so she had NOTHING to wear home. We wrapped snug in a blanket and drove to the nearest store. While she and I sat in the car her daddy bought her a head to toe Hanna Montana outfit. Including panties and shoes.

Sure, I get to move the broken child from the chair to the stretcher, hold her for an IV and watch her favorite skirt be cut to shreds and he gets to be the super star that skips the clearance rack and buys the kid a new wardrobe :-)

Ok, Ok, I'm over it...back on track... :-)

She is now wheelchair bound and restricted from ALL physical activities for 6 weeks.

This small inconvenience is a HUGE blessing in comparison to what Sadie could have gone through. We are rejoicing and SO thankful for all of the prayers, visits, phones calls and above all the mercy the Lord has shown our family!!

****Oh and for the record just in case anyone is counting
(Grandstaff's :-) this is our 7th ER visit between 3 children in just 4 years!!


Stephanie said...

Hello Sadie, We love you very much and our glad your home safe with your mommy/daddy. Keep your smile beauitful girl.
Hugs and kisses

April said...

Oh my Lord, Jen!!! I am so sorry you had to go through that. I think the next time I see Sadie I'm going to ban her from monkey bars forever! lol
I'm so happy to hear that she will be okay. We will definitely need to come up and visit her. The girls can play Candyland and watch Hannah Montana and maybe paint each others fingers and toes. =)Give her hugs from us.

Christina said...

Hi Jen I know Sadie dose'nt know me but I want you to know that our family is praying for a quick recovery. Our God is an amazing God and I know he is watch over her and your family. Sadie from what I hear you are a trooper hang in there and before you know it this will be all over. From your friends up in Chambersburg Pa.

God Bless,
Christina, Jeremy, Devon, Tori and Haley

Dave and Amy Carroll said...

can not believe it! hope you are all doing better. give her a HUGE hug and kiss.

6 weeks in a wheelchair? wow. miss ya and praying for a swift recovery!

Courtney said...

Holy Moly Jen. My goodness. I cannot believe this happened. Poor Sadie.

I wish I had known we could have helped out in some way!

Battcave said...

Hey Jen,

I just read the news, I am a little behind but that is the story of my life. I can't even imagine how it must have been for you guys to walk into school and see her like that. I started to cry reading your post.
Praise the Lord it was not worst. I will keep Sadie in prayer.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.