Friday, November 14, 2008

Flashbak Friday- Sadie's Cleft Surgery Part 2

A few weeks back I promised you folks "the rest of the story" regarding Sadie and the repair of her cleft palate.

After 2 years at Miami Children's Hospital we felt lead to visit Shands Medical Center in Gainesville and can I just say WE HAVE NO REGRETS!

We met Dr. Seagle in August of 2006. It was at that appointment that he told us he could close Sadie's palate. He told us it would be complicated and that Sadie would need approximately 4 procedures and a weeks stay at the hospital.

So in September of 2006 we packed up our family and drove to G'ville. Brian's parents meet us there (from GA) to help with Madison and Ethan while we took care of Sadie.

Below are my actual journal entries from that unbelievable season in our life....

God is soooooooooooooooooooo good! Sadie's surgery today was indeed a success! Dr. Seagle was able to close her ENTIRE cleft palate! He did this using only one procedure not the multiple procedures that he was prepared to do. In addition he did the surgery in 2 hours NOT the 4 he anticipated. He said Sadie was an excellent patient and that he was very pleased with her results. As soon as soon woke up in recovery she requested the ice cream and apple juice we promised her. She ate the ice cream and drank 2 glasses of juice. Once we were in her room she requested MORE ice cream and also some Gatorade. Within one hour of being in her room she was begging us to get her out of her bed. She wanted to walk around and check out the hospital.

...Madison & Ethan are having a ball with Pop Pop and Grandma.

Did I mention that GOD WAS SO GOOD?! Sadie's docs discharged her today. She has a smile and puppy dog eyes that NO ONE - not even a professional - can refuse. Each time the doctors and/or nurses came into her room Sadie would ask "can I go now" and when they would say "not yet" her reply was always "can you take this out then", referring to her IV. Shortly after noon today she convinced the entire staff at Shands Medical Center that she would recover better & faster out of the hospital than she would in the hospital. All I could think was you guys know she's just 4 right??? She sure has the power of persuasion. Look out world!

Her doctor has requested we remain here in Gainsville until Thursday "just in case". Our plan for now is to hang low key here until mid-Thursday and then head back. We're gonna take our time and once home remain "low key" for the remainder of the weekend. Sadie will be home from school and speech therapy for 3 weeks to ensure total recovery.

We are Soooo Blessed.

Now the photos - everybody loves the photos:

Sadie and Daddy saying a prayer before surgery.

Sadie in recovery - with her purple ice cream.

Sadie walking the hospital floors 1 hour after surgery!

This "get up" is what Sadie had to promise to wear if the docs let her leave the hospital. The mask was of course to protect her from germs and the arm boards were to protect her from putting her fingers in her mouth. She wore it the entire week without ONE complaint.

Such a trooper.

We were then and we are now SO proud our little girl!


Stephanie said...

She truely is a gift from God. She's a pretty amazing little girl.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing your story! My husband and I are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and we have said that we would be happy to accept a child with a cleft palate. It's always good to hear someone else's experience just so we have some sort of preparation!

Jen said...


Congratulations on your adoption journey!

A cleft was really never something we thought about until our daughter was referred to us and we learned she had an unrepaired cleft.

We are SO thankful the Lord brought her to us and for the AMAZING medical advances we have here.

Please keep me posted and your journey. And if your child does have a cleft I'd be honored to help you any way I can.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a brave girl. Yes, God is good!