Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Fun Night

For our Family Fun Night this week we took the kids to a Demo Derby and Rodeo at the fairgrounds.

I had NO idea how fun a Demo Derby would be. It was like real life bumper cars but the cars really crashed and banged into one another. Dirt was flying, engines were roaring, cars were smoking. One car actually caught on fire. It was SO amazing and SO fun. We can't wait until the next one.

After the Demo Derby there was a Rodeo. This started out fun but then the City Slicker (ME) got the run down on why the bulls and horses buck and kick and throw the cowboy off their back...I spent the rest of the evening feeling bad for the poor animals :-(

The kids had a grand time nonetheless. Madison (MY MADISON) even cried when we left. She wasn't quite ready for the night to end. Who woulda thought??

Here are few pics:

Vin & Ethan

Sadie & Kelli

The Girls

The Boys

The Whole Gang

Ahh, even the parents got a photo opp :-)
Madison posed with with one Demo Derby Driver

The other man of the hour

These two were quite the buds tonight. No worries - our radars are on!! :-)

Oh, and the bulls. The sweet kind bulls. The bulls that never did anything to anyone until their you know whats were strapped and tied then they bucked and kicked and threw who ever where ever. :-( So sad really!!!
The professionals did say that the bulls and horses were trained for such torture and I have to say they were quick to release the you know what's after the 8 second count.
Still sad though :-(