Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan (again)

So here at the Growing Garcia's we celebrate birthdays for days, weeks, even months. We milk it for all it's worth :-)

Well today was Ethan's "official" Birthday. He turned the big 6. And we celebrated here at home by making his favorite dinner (steak) and having 2 of his friends over (Vinny & Sal).

He also wanted to make his own birthday cake. "An army one with marshmallows" -- to be specific (interesting!)...So he raided his toy box for his little army men and daddy wrote Happy Birthday in marshmallows. It was quite the cake, quite the night and quite the month long celebration...:-)


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! Love Vinny and Sal (oh Mommy, Kelli and Nicholas too)

mom2four said...

I love the cake!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET ETHAN!!!!
Ms Dawn