Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday's Treasure

Check out this kid and her new ride!

Sadie is doing AWESOME! Her hip still hurts a bit. It's more tender than anything. She is doing well in the wheelchair but as soon as we give her a little freedom to move around she's climbing through the car or looking for a game of tag!

CRAZY kid!

It's gonna be a long 6 weeks - for me that is- trying to keep that girl still! She's doing great and eager to get back out there and conquer the world!!

I am SO proud of her and her spunky positive attitude that's why today she is my Tuesday Treasure.


Courtney said...

Clearly I missed something...she is in a wheelchair?????

Oh my goodness. I need to catch up.

mom2four said...

Sadie, we all love you and are still praying for you & hoping your pain is all gone.
Much Love,
Dawn & Co