Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Identity For Children


This might just be my most favorite post!

There are NO words that will effectively express my passion for this ministry, these children or the work that is being done around the world on their behalf.

Identity For Children was founded by our dear friends Brian & Sarah Grandstaff and we wholeheartedly embrace and support their vision for these children.

You might remember a few weeks back my husband had the privilege of going to EL Salvador with Brian Grandstaff and our friend Bob Cooper.

This video below is from that trip. (THANK YOU Les for the amazing video!)

PLEASE take a moment to watch it. You will be blessed I know. For more information on Identity For Children please visit their website www.http://www.id4c.org/

(PS - remember to turn on your speakers and pause my music below)

Identity For Children - Promo Video from Les Lanphere on Vimeo.


Stephanie said...

Jenny thank you for sharing this story. Many of us really have no idea what's going on in this world. With you opening our eyes is a gift in itself.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL video. What an awesome ministry. Can I put a link on my blog??

Jen said...

Yes Courtney, thank you!