Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goodbye Nursery, HELLO Boy Cave...

As you know Ethan is a whopping 7 years old. I don't know how it happened I just know that it did.

This little man of mine was still sleeping in a "nursery". Although he had a regular bed his walls were still painted pastels and he still had the baby animal print boarder, valence, lamp shade, was quite sad, really.

So this weekend Ethan and Brian set out to transform Ethan's once nursery into a full fledged BOY CAVE and WOW did they do a GREAT job!!!

Check it out:

He picked out an army green paint for the walls, cameo comforter and valence. He has army planes hanging from his ceiling and a poster of every super hero EVER known without forgetting to give props to his 'Cannes. He has a spot for all his trophies, and a place to study, he has a "guest" bed for a friend (or someday brother), a cubby for reading and and containers for all his boy toys.

The boy is in his Glory.


Nicole said...

Love the ladder in the picture, is that for escaping?