Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Every Holiday I like to make (HA! I mean buy) something unique for all the kids in our life: school, sports teams, friends etc...

And every holiday, my mom faithfully comes up with something creative, fun and candy filled ~ a true hit for all.

And each holiday I *try* to join her at the crafting table, I try to put on my Martha Stuart hat and I try to contribute a least enough to take some credit for the nifty treat.

But each and every holiday ~ I fail miserably!

But my momma never does - this is what she made for the Valentine's in our life...

Sour Cream Tubes

filled with yummy candy and balloons

THANK YOU MOM!!! - I'm one spoiled girl!!!

***My momma can and will make nifty things for you too :~)