Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Grammy

My Grammy is one one the most tender, loving and gentle people I know. I just cherish her!!!

As a kid I remember her coming to visit us and at night she would lay with me and tell me the most beautiful stories about the Bible. Her descriptions of Heaven and Jesus were so vivid that the Bible came alive whenever she would speak of it.

As a teen I remember her coming to visit and she had eyes EVERYWHERE. Anything and Everything I did she saw and TOLD. She wasn't one of those keep quiet and brush it under the rug kind of Grandmas. Oh no, she called you out on it and told the people who loved you! (Today, I am most thankful of that!)

As an adult I remember her coming to FL to live with my parents. As she ailed in her health they took care of her. Managing her doctors appointments, medicines, meals and personal care.

Sadly my Grammy suffers from a mental health issue that now requires her to have 24 hour care.

The kids and I would make a point to visit her on a weekly basis and we SO enjoyed those visits....until May of last year. :(

When my Grammy alters her meds or worse decides not to take them she gets very very cranky and she picks one family member to take it out on. For years I escaped that. I was never ever her target. Until May 2009.

I went in for my normal weekly visit and I did not bring her any joy. Only torment and grief. She thought I was doing awful things to my children (whom she loves dearly!). While I knew it was the (lack of) meds talking it still hurt very badly. I left in tears that my grandma didn't just NOT know me ~ she thought I was a bad person.

For a whole year I could not see my Grammy. My parents could, my sister could, my nieces and nephews and even my kids, but not me...

Until today.

Today for the first time in almost a year I got to visit my Grammy! It was beautiful and wonderful. She was happy and at peace. She enjoyed my company and gave me a big tight hug.

Today I saw MY GRAMMY! And oh, how I have missed her so.

My Dad, My Grammy and My Kiddos

My Dad and his Mom (my Grammy!)

Sadie and Great~Grammy

Pepe and Madison (everyone is all smiles)

My Grammy and My Boy

While my Grammy isn't in this picture you can tell I am THRILLED to be with her.