Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In a Million Words or Less

In an effort to get to know her students better, Madison's teacher asked each parent to write a paper and "In a Million Words or Less" share as much about our child as possible.

I love to write and share about my kids so this "paper" was a fun homework assignment for me. :)

In a Million Words or Less

Madison. Madison. Madison.

Out of all 4 of my kids, this assignment was most appropriate for Madison. I will do my best to keep my comments to a “Million Words or Less”. 

Madison is #3 in a family of 4. Until May 19th of this year she was the “baby” of the family. That position has recently been handed down to our new son Jacob (he is 4 and adopted from Russia– but that is another paper).

While Madison LOVED the “baby” position she gladly surrendered it to her new little brother. She is a tender, kind, loving and MOTHERLY big sister.

She looks up to and respects her (not so much) older brother (Ethan) and sister (Sadie).

Madison like all her siblings was also adopted. She though (unlike all of her siblings) does not like to talk about or share with others that she is adopted. She only wants to talk about being a “Garcia”.

Madison is sensational, dramatic, fun, emotional, very raw and real about her feelings. You ALWAYS know where you stand with Madison and what kind of mood she is in. She has been nick named “Hollywood” and has earned that name time and time again. 

Madison is very sensitive and can get her feelings hurt when things don’t quite go as she expected but she has a heart of gold and is quick to forgive. She can be slow to let people into her circle because when she does she loves with her whole being and is loyal beyond words.

She LOVES to read and will read daily without being asked or reminded. She enjoys everything pink, princess, Fancy Nancy or anything frilly and girly. She is our girly girl!

She likes to swim, dance, sing, perform, draw, play games, have play dates and sleepovers with her friends.

She is an interactive and social child. She does not spend much time watching TV or on the computer and although she has a DS she does not play it often.

We are Christians and our walk with the Lord is very important to our family. We attend church regularly, and we are actively involved in the local community as well as communities abroad. It is our hope that we raise all of children with a thankful and GIVING heart.

I hope this summary of our little girl has given you a little insight to her (and us). Please never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.