Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Grandma & Grandpa

We had the most amazing, most relaxing, most wonderful Christmas (with one exception).

The day was just perfect (almost).

The kids woke up (after 9am!). We opened presents....

Sadie the techy girl received lots of gifts that needed to downloaded/uploaded, synched, etc.

Ethan is an official spy. Complete with glasses that allow him to see behind him, a watch that can record and video your conversations and a helicopter that looks like a helicopter but *really* its a cool spy tool that takes pictures in mid air.

Madison (still the princess) received lots of make up, movies, nail polish and for the wannabe hunter in her, she got a pink camouflage sleeping bag for their upcoming hunting trip.

Jake who wants so badly to be a BIG BOY received his very own (age appropriate) lap top. He LOVES LOVES LOVES it.

The kids were blessed beyond measure.

But the one thing nobody could deny was we MISSED Grandma and Grandpa. This was the kids first Christmas without you here and they NOTICED! It was weird. It was different. They missed, really missed, you being here. We all did.

We love you SO very much and can't wait for January to see you again.

Until then, Big Hugs and ALL our LOVE.