Friday, April 10, 2009

Ethan asked Jesus to be his Personal Lord and Savior tonight!!

Ethan asked Jesus to be his Personal Lord and Savior tonight!!

Ethan is our "thinker". He is our analytical, cautious and detailed child. He doesn't just take things at face value. He needs to understand how and why. It's a character trait I truly value because when all these things come together for him he is a SOLD OUT believer in them. All things including his recent decision to ask Jesus to be His personal Lord and Savior!

He has been asking lots of heaven related questions. He's been requesting Brian to lead specific Bible studies at bed time. We knew he was ripe but we had NO IDEA how ripe!

A little side note, last Sunday our Pastor asked those who were physically able to join the Leadership in a 24 hour fast. The fast began Thursday night at sun down and ended tonight at sun down. Our Pastor suggested that each time we felt a hunger pain that we lift up those we knew who were unsaved and those who would be hearing the gospel message this Easter season. Well I participated in this fast. And with each hunger pain I lifted a prayer to the Lord for the unsaved. (I never named my son - but the Lord knew).

At church tonight, the worship was AWESOME! The message was FANTASTIC! And the service ended with a clip from the Passion of the Christ. I saw my sons heart transform before my very eyes, I saw him melt and feel repentance. His eyes welled up and I squeezed his hand and prayed for his sweet little heart and the transformation I was witnessing.

When Brian joined us (he was helping with communion) he saw what I saw and he asked Ethan what he was thinking.

Ethan said "I'm ready Daddy"
Brian: "for what Ethan"
Ethan: "to ask Jesus to be my Personal Lord and Savior"
Brian: "why do you want to do that Ethan"
Ethan: "because I want to go to heaven"
Brian "do you think you can go to heaven if you don't ask Jesus to be your personal Lord and Savior"
Ethan: "No daddy"
Brian: "Why"
Ethan "because I am a sinner"
Brian "you are right son, would you like to pray now and ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and to ask Him to be your Personal Lord and Savior?"
Ethan: "yes daddy"

Brian prayed with Ethan and then he asked me to get our friend and family Pastor (Teddy) so Ethan could publicly profess his decision. Pastor Teddy had a very similar conversation with Ethan and then welcomed to the "family"

What a GREAT good Friday!



Heidi Reed said...

A beautiful story, Jen. I had goosebumps and warm tears in my eyes. Brianna told me yesterday that she loves Jesus with all her heart. [aww, sniff]

May God bless you Ethan -- your little heart and soul and eternity. What a joy to read about your journey to eternal life. What a blessing for your parents to witness you bloom before their very eyes. What an honor for me to sit here and read about it. Grow, grow, grow!!!

With Joy,
Heidi Reed