Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Memories of GA~ Visiting Friends in NC

While in Georgia we took a little side trip to N.C. to see some old friends: John and Tracy.

They recently moved to N.C. and it had been far too long since we've seen them, so long in fact, they hadn't met any of our many children.

After an amazing lunch John & Tracy led our troop on a breathtaking hike through their property.

Nature books in hand

on the lookout for for birds, animals and plants

off we went...

over a bridge

and magnificent creek


Breathtaking views

Perfect photo opps

Our fearless leader
taking us on a detour~Down hill
and then back UP

it was easier for some than others :~)

another photo opp

This one with John & Tracy

Back home for a private concert

Then a private lesson

or two

Happy! That's what we are. :~)

John and Tracy we had SOOOOOO much fun with you all! Thanks for an amazing day.
Our family can not wait to see you again...SOON!


Anonymous said...

You were that close to us and you didn't come see us??? Just teasing you!