Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged by my personal friend and blogging buddy Krista http://bitsandpiecesofahappylife.blogspot.com/

For this tag I have been asked to name 6 things that are unspectacular about me.

Here they are:

1. I begin and end every day with coffee! Of course, now that I am in my 30’s I drink decaf in the evenings.

2. Speaking of being in my 30’s – I have truly embraced the privilege of aging. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit my true age (34). Each year has been fuller, richer, and more valuable than the previous. Age has taught me the true worth of time. It is a precious and priceless commodity that I will choose not to waste.

3. I LOVE, I mean REALLY love FL. Even on our hottest days, even in our darkest thunder storms and even though we only have 1 season. I love FLORIDA!!!


5. My favorite sound is children laughing. Deep belly laughs. The genuine over the top delight that comes from deep within a child. That sounds brings me joy unexplainable.

6. I believe perspective is everything!

Now it is my turn to tag. So I hope the following bloggers are up for the challenge.

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Penny - http://goeppneradoption.blogspot.com/
Amy - http://daveandamycarroll.blogspot.com/
Stacy - http://stacy-justaglimpse.blogspot.com/
My Sis - http://mommysjoyoflife.blogspot.com/
Courtney - http://storinguptreasuresinheaven.blogspot.com/
Andrea - http://tothebattcave.blogspot.com/


gingerbliss@earthlink.net said...

Can you explain the tag to me? I am always up for a challenge. -ginger

Jen said...

Hey Ginger (and others)

A tag is simple. You just need to do what I did and name 6 things that are unspectacular about you. And then for fun tag a few of your friends at the end.

Anonymous said...

Jen: You are spectacular even when you think you aren't. Even before I knew you, you had my attention. You have a magnetic personality and an abundance of energy. Girl, you rock!!

The most unspectacular thing about me is that I pick my teeth after meals (and I think Stacy Wiggins caught me doing this once, but she was ever so gracious and didn't call me out) and I'd rather use my fingers to scoop food onto my fork or spoon than bread or another utensil. Fingers are much more effective. :)