Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sadie 2 - Teeth 0

Back in April Sadie had her 1st loose tooth. It wasn't loose but a day. But the fact that it was loose was all our girl needed! She worked on it all morning, all afternoon and all evening until FINALLY the sucker was - well at least according to Sadie - ready to come out! She pulled and tugged and yanked and voila she was toothless and later rich ($1.00 is a lot to a 5 year old) :-).

Well...2 weeks ago Sadie came home from school with yet another loose tooth. And all I think was on no, not again...But guess what? This time she wanted it to last as long as possible. It was like a game. She wanted to see just how long she could keep the loose tooth in her mouth. (I think she might have some control issues, but that is another post).

Anyway, last night she decided it was time. And so...she pulled and tugged and yanked and voila she claimed victory on another baby tooth and then asked for a raise! My daughter thought she was entitled to 6 quarters because now she was 6! Oh my!

Now, I know you're all waiting for the picture lowdown. So with out further ado...

Daddy tying the string. Enabling his little girl to inflict pain on herself...

String didn't work, so now we are using moms idea of a paper towel. You know to get good traction....

Ok, so mom's idea wasn't any better. Sadie returned to her original method, the one she discovered back in April with her 1st loose tooth. You just push it out with your tongue. I know it's weird but it really works!


A little swish with salt water.

And of course a phone call to Nana.


Anonymous said...

I love the play by play. You're becoming a professional blogger now, girl. Taking pix so you can post each step in the process. Now that's blogging at its finest. LOL!!

I can't tell you how many times I've said "hold on a second...I need the camera so I can put this on my blog".

Ha ha ha!!!

Heidi Reed

Jen said...

Funny! yeah, I'm always looking for blogging material. Husbands & kids usually provide the best.

Stephanie said...

Coral says she hopes Sadie gets her 6 quarters. Now she can't wait to loose her teeth. LOL miss and love you

Anonymous said...

She is so brave! I love the photos!!