Tuesday, September 23, 2008

La Casa de mi Padre

I just received this news letter from one of the orphanages Brian visited in El Salvador.

Since La Casa de mi Padre opened its doors in May 2002, we have seen God’s hand upon the ministry in many ways. He has led us through an adventure of finding some 50 children living in an abandoned house filled with despair and fighting for survival, to a vibrant ministry of restoration of hearts, lives, and hope for a better future.

Over the past several years we have provided the children a loving, safe, Christian environment. We have sought to share Christ with the in very practical and tangible ways, but we have discovered that their needs go deeper. Due to their difficult pasts, our children have wounds hidden deep within them. Their hearts are broken and emotional scars are evident in each one. These scars often manifest themselves as an inability to relate to others, behavioral problems, and a lack of clear direction for their lives. In understanding the extent of their needs we are repositioning our program to address these by sharing Christ’s love, healing, and hope with them. Our desire is to restore their hearts, relationships, and lives. We strive to stop the dysfunctional patterns that have been going on in our children’s families for generations.

Please be sure to visit their website http://www.mfh-elsalvador.org/ and click on their latest newsletter. There is so much more I'd love for you to know about La Casa de mi Padre.

Please pray for these children and for the faithful workers at La Casa de mi Padre. May the Lord's hand continue to be upon them. May they be showered with His peace, healing, restoration, hope and above all His love.

I also just want to say thank you again for praying for my husband and the gentlemen he is sharing this amazing journey with.