Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"The Centurion"

Brian and I saw the presentation on "The Centurion" Easter weekend and we were moved beyond words.

Our friends James Cannata and Mark Marshall do an outstanding job with their dramatic presentation displaying the life of a Centurion who participated in the crucifixion of Christ Jesus.

We would like to personally invite and encourage you to come to the next showing of this sensational piece. Details below.


Friday, June 5th, 20096:30 P.M.The Mos'Art Theater (
700 Park Avenue, Lake Park, FL
$8 admission (Purchasing early tix info available soon!)

Who says you need Easter to focus on the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ....Come and witness the sacrifice that was made for you.Step back in time with us as we experience Christ's crucifixion from the very person who nailed him to the cross. Join this Roman Centurion as he experiences the process of salvation and get an even better understanding that Jesus wasn’t simply put to death, but that He willfully was humiliated, brutally beaten, and experienced the agonizing death by way of crucifixion, for all of us.

Praise & Worship by Mark Marshall


Stephanie said...

How amazing...Our first week back HOME. I really hope Curtis and I will be able to experience this incredible presentation.