Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fat Milk

Madison and Ethan are milkalcoholics. They LOVE milk. Plain or with chocolate - it doesn't matter.

Sadie on the other hand can't stand it. She's been home nearly 5 years now and she has probably consumed about 1 gallon of milk TOTAL over those years.

That is until recently...

When Brian and I were in Jamaica my parents kept the children for us.

While there Sadie requested a bowl of cereal. My mom gave her a bowl of cereal and naturally put milk in it. (Sadie normally likes her cereal dry because she doesn't care for milk).

Sadie took one bite of her cereal and then went on and on about the milk. Not because there was milk in her usual dry cereal but because she LOVED the milk.

Here's how the conversation went:

Sadie: "Nana, I love this milk!"
Nana: "You do? Isn't like your milk at home"
Sadie: "NO, my milk at home isn't any good. Its yucky"
Nana: (takes the milk from the fridge) "This is the milk I use. What kind does mommy use"
Sadie: "I don't know but it has a pink top not a red top and its yucky!"
Nana: (Figures it out) "Oh, your mom uses fat free milk. We buy the whole milk - it has fat in it".
Sadie: "I LOVE FAT MILK!".

When we came home from Jamaica Sadie's first words weren't "hi mom and dad, I've missed you. It was Mom, I LOVE FAT MILK YOU HAVE TO BUY IT!" :-)

And since we've been home Sadie has been consuming about a gallon of milk every 3 to 4 days.

And when we're running low she ALWAYS reminds me to buy FAT milk not the "other stuff".

Now I know. :-)