Saturday, May 9, 2009


In Jamaica we....

enjoyed this view from our room/patio

went tubing - which was a blast!!! I actually lost my earning during this ride but THANKFULLY found it in the tube!

Learned to sail.

Hiked the Dunn's River Falls

We saw lots of sea life. In the photos above there is a live star fish, a tiny hermit crab and a sea urchin. All of which we released back to their natural habitat ;)

We went for long walks on the beach

Brian showed both his artistic and his romantic side ♥

We drank Champagne and toasted to the past 15 years.
mostly though...we acted like newlyweds.


Anonymous said...

Oh you guys are SOO SOO cute.

I love these photos. What a beautiful couple you are and I am so glad you got to get away.