Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Excuse?

I know. I know. I have REALLY neglected my blog. And I love my blog.

I love adding pictures and writing posts and sharing my life...and I haven't done so for a whole week! But I do have a "Good Excuse".

On May 31st my sister and her husband and their 3 children moved here from far away PA.

And so the last 12 days have been FULL!!

Take a look:

We've done aqua gymnastics - is that a real thing?

We've had "girls only" pool parties.

We've gone to Home Depot to make Father's Day presents

We've had LOTS of sleepovers and sleep outs - is that a thing?

We've tortured (I mean caught) frogs

We've spent time in the sunshine

We've had "meetings" to discuss....

Our current construction "project"

We've had A LOT of ice cream

And we've spent LOTS of time at Nana and Pepe's

This is my sister with her precious "baby".
**Not pictured are the many dress up sessions, movie outings, park days, live concerts (put on by the children) and the beach days we've shared in just 12 days.
I am overflowing with JOY and DELIGHT and sheer excitement to have my sister and her family here. This is a dream come true for me!!!


Little Patch of Heaven said...

How are you doing? I was wondering if you are still running your mission of collecting clothes? My daughter is in desperate need of clothes as well as my boys. Girls size 12 and boys size 5. As before I would be more than happy to pay the shipping costs. I look forward to hearing back from you.

By the way I check your blog daily. I love following your family.

Take Care

jen said...

We do still CHC. And we will be receiving and sorting donation this coming week. I will keep your request and be sure to let you know what comes up.

How is your adoption going?