Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Testimony

Recently our Pastor challenged us to share our faith and our testimony with others around us.

I have always thought my "testimony" was rather boring.

I know some folks who were literally in the pit of hell and the Lord reached deep down into that pit and pulled them out. I know others who were unsaved one minute and then born-again-on- fire-for-Jesus believers the next. And others who grew up in the church and have been faithful followers of Christ all of their life.

My testimony is nothing like any of those. No radical changes, no great conversion. Just a slow steady growth, some stumbles along the way and a tender heart sold out for Jesus.

But it is my testimony nonetheless and one I am most thankful for.

So at my Pastor's promting I'm sharing my testimony with you.


When I was 5 years old I got the chicken pox. It was May and while I was home sick my Kindergarten class made plants as gifts for Mother's Day.

They were quite cute. The class saved their empty milk cartons from lunch, washed them, added potting soil, then seed. They took care of the plants daily and watched them grow.

When I was well enough and no longer contagious I returned to school. It happened to be the Thursday before Mother's Day.

I remember my teacher showing me the "presents" the other kids were making for their moms and I was sad I did not get to participate.

My teacher told me to save my milk carton from lunch.She said we would make one together that afternoon.

And we did.

She told me to go home and pray. She told me to ask Jesus to bless my work and to ask Him to grow my plant so that I would have a present to give my mom on Mother's Day.

(side note - this was a public school)

I did just as my teacher had instructed and when I went to school the next day I remember my plant was SO big and beautiful, green and full of life.

I remember being so excited and my teacher told me to thank Jesus.

I remember asking her to tell me about Jesus. She shared with me that Jesus was the son of God. That we all (even me at just 5) was a sinner. She said that Jesus came into this world, suffered, died and rose again so that we (I) could have eternal life. She told me that Jesus loved me and that He wanted me to love Him.

From that day on I have always gone to Jesus. In good times, in bad times, in scary times and in lonely times. I have ALWAYS trusted He would be there.

I also began going to church. I would walk to church by myself, attend Sunday school and walk home. My parents were always faithful to give me 50 cents for the offering. It didn't matter where we lived I would just walk to the church closest to our home.

Sadly, once I became a teenager I lost that discipline. I no longer desired to go by myself, it was harder to make new friends, and it certainly wasn't something the friends I had were interested in. So I stopped attending church and I begin to wonder aimlessly.

But the Lord never left me!

I made A LOT of bad choices, A TON of mistakes. I hurt people I loved. I was lost. And I was hurting.

But the Lord in His perfect love, overflowing grace, and mercies that are brand new EVERY day protected me - from myself and from my sin!!!

I was His!

When I began dating Brian He began to draw me back to Him.

Brian and I started dating in August of 1994 and by December of that same year we were talking marriage.

My parents - concerned about our age (18 & 20) - suggested we meet with a church leader. So we did just that.

I will be thankful to my parents for that simple (yet life changing) request for all eternity!!

It was at that meeting that I recommitted my life to Christ. It was at that meeting that I had a desire to be back in the Word, back in church and back on my walk.

My life - My walk - My relationship with Christ is an ever growing, ever changing, everlasting journey.

Sometimes, my life - my walk - and my relationship with Christ endures trials, burdens and sadness.

I still sin, make mistakes, and unfortunately hurt people...But I'm no longer wondering aimlessly and I am no longer lost.

Instead, I'm convicted, I confess, I seek forgiveness. I have hope, peace, and a promise of everlasting life.

I am still overwhelmed by His perfect love, overflowing grace, and His mercies that are brand new EVERY day.

It is my hope and prayer that you are too.

If you are not, please know that Jesus loves YOU. That He died for YOU, for YOUR sins and so that YOU could have eternal life with Him. Just call on His Name and He will be there. With open open arms, with endless forgiveness, and with hope everlasting.

Just call on His Name....


"That who ever belives in Him shall no perishbut have eternal like" said...


You have an awesome testimony that not only casues me to weep but demonstrates the faithfulness and grace of Christ. It truely demonstartes that He never said our lives here on earth would be easy, He just promised that we would never have to face it alone. Your testimony is proof that He is faithful. He never left you.

I love you...