Monday, June 1, 2009

QB is MIA....

You might have read this post about Rainbow or this post about Hermie...

Well now it's time to post about QB.

QB (short for quarterback) is Ethan's hermit crab. Each of the kids received a hermit crab this past Christmas.

QB was the most feisty of the crabs. He has been known to pinch a kid or two or three...well actually he pinched quite a few kids. He was also the most active and apparently the one with the longest life span ~ or so we thought...

The other day we had company and like all company does they checked out the "house" for the crabs and inquired about what lived inside.

I opened the door to the cage to pull the hermit crab out and show our friends. But it was GONE...Like GONE GONE.

Naturally I called for all my children. Ethan (whom the crab belongs to) had no idea where his crab was and he was sure he didn't take it out.

The girls on the other hand remember taking him out, carrying him their purse and letting him get "exercise" (all a NO NO!!) but neither of the girls remember putting him back.

We have had a search party search and search in an effort to rescue the poor thing but its been 72 long hours and still no trace of the little guy.

Our vigil will continue for another day and then I guess we'll just wait for the smell???


Joanna said...

Put out some newspaper on the floor of the room you think he might be in, then set a bowl of dechlorinated ocean salt water in the center (it will definitely attract him!) and turn out the lights. When you hear the crinkle, you've found your crab!
Good luck, hope he hasn't already expired :(

Jen said...

Thank you Joanna,

Sadly I think we have missed our "window". :(.