Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas

So here we are – the end of yet another year and the start of yet another Christmas letter. 2009 has been full of challenges, triumphs, changes, struggles and blessings overflowing. Where oh where do I begin? I guess it’s always fun to start with the kids so let’s begin there.

Sadie –oh my girl- Sadie. She has gone all of 2009 without breaking a bone, having a surgery or visiting the ER and she has had only a few colds. This isn’t just MAJOR for my girl ~it’s a MIRACLE!! So we are indeed rejoicing! She is doing well in 2nd grade and loving her new school. She just completed another year of gymnastics and plans to add softball to her athletic career this Spring. This petite ~ weighing it at just 37 pounds ~ 7 year old little lady proudly carries a smile ~ missing 7 teeth  ~ that manages to light up every room when she walks in ~EVERYTIME. She is spunky and FULL of life!!

Ethan is – ALL BOY - and very quickly turning into a young man on me. He loves football, fishing, hiking, camping and now hunting. He is Brian’s right hand. He is driven, ambitious, serious, confident, sincere and a man’s man. Brian has taught him that vegetables aren’t food they are what “food” eat. Brian has also taught him that Hannah Montana is lame and that the Disney Channel is for girls. And while he is serious about those things he has also taught Ethan that being a man of God with character, integrity and values is more important than any of the above.

Madison - our precious precious -Madison. She is still very much our “Hollywood”. She is one of those kids that you can tell EXACTLY what and how she is feeling based off of her current emotion. And her emotion can change literally without notice. She can go from a deep belly laugh to an inconsolable cry without hesitation and vice versa. Those of you who have seen it ~ know ¬this girl has talent.  She too is loving her new school and doing very well in 1st grade. She is making many friends. She is loving and motherly. Tender and genuine and she loves with her whole being.

As for Brian and I - we celebrated 15 years of marriage this past May. Brian took me to Jamaica for a week and we had a wonderful 2nd Honeymoon.

In August Brian and I went on a mission trip to Peru where we ministered to the locals through an English camp and sought to meet the basic needs of the people in Lima. It was an amazing journey and one that stretched, tested and grew my faith in ways indescribable and so it will always be a cherished season for me. We are eagerly anticipating the day we bring the children with us.

But for now, we feel lead to be “missionaries” right here in PSL. And we are trusting in the Lord as He continues to direct our paths…

More to come in 2010 ~ in the meantime you can see what the Lord is doing in our life through our family blog and also on Facebook. The blessings (or curses) of modern technology. 

Wishing you and your family a truly Merry CHRISTmas and a Blessing filled 2010.

All our love,
Brian, Jennifer, Sadie, Ethan and Madison