Saturday, December 26, 2009

On the road....

We set out to leave at 4am this morning!

My sister and I planned this trip for months. We were prepared, we were organized, we were packed, we were eager, and we were READY to conquer the simple task of driving an estimated 18 hours with 5 children between the ages of 2 and 7...

The alarm went off promptly at 3:30am. We hopped out of bed ~called one another~ poured our gallon size travel coffee mugs and we were on the road by 4am as planned. YAY!

BUT....we didn't actually get off Torino (the main road in our neighborhood) due to technical difficulties until 5am.

So although an hour behind schedule we set off once again with 5 of our kiddos, 4 (working) DVD players, 4 DS's, 1 MP3. 1 ipod and 2 CD players. Not to mention a enough food to feed a small village and the entire Audio Left Behind Series.

Oh we also had "when in doubt" chewable benedryl~ just in case the kids NEEDED to sleep.

We were set!!!

Here is Chason just 30 minutes into the trip (NO benedryl was needed :)

Here is Coral just 30 minutes LEFT in the trip (again, no benedryl was needed :)

This girl tried like a ROCK STAR to make the whole journey. Her body just gave up at the very end.

Sadie, Madison and Canyon all took short cat naps throughout the journey. But for the most part all of the kids were just way too eager and excited to sleep.

We were officially on the road at 5am and we safely arrived at our destination at 9:45pm. Almost 17 LONG hours and our crew were such unbelievably GREAT travelers I would do it again 100 times in a heartbeat. NOTHING could have been more perfect about this journey....except our husbands and Ethan joining us. Maybe next time.