Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Darkest Hours to Highest Praises (Brian's Perspective)

Thank you again for being there for us, watching over our family, and for your prayers while the Lord, Ethan, and I endured the trial we faced last week. The specialist look at Ethan’s ears and the Lord once again showed us how great, wonderful, amazing, and protecting He can be. The specialist informed us that there is nothing more than a minor laceration in Ethan’s left ear and that neither of his ear drums have been ruptured.

The night of the accident I kept beating myself up over and over again because I knew how the accident happened but could not recall exactly what I did to prevent it or protect Ethan. I kept asking myself how Ethan and I got separated in the accident and how I failed to protect him or shield him with my own body or something. I realize now that even though I am not Superman we have and serve a Super God. It wasn't until the morning after when all the excitement settled down that Ethan shared that he didn’t think he was still on the four wheeler when it rolled over and that it did not roll over him and after speaking to the other individuals that were there it was confirmed that when the four wheeler rolled over the only person still on it was me. We were both thrown off the vehicle, I was thrown down the hill and able to get to my feet to avoid the four wheeler that was following me and Ethan was thrown up hill. My hunting buddy Richard that we are up here with basically said “Other than Gods divine intervention he cannot explain how Ethan and I were removed from harm’s way, we witnessed a miracle yesterday”. According to the laws of physics that four wheeler should have rolled right over the top of both of us and there is no earthly scientific explanation for how a 60lb eight year old boy that is behind his 200lb father on a four wheeler that is starting its decent down the hill defies gravity and gets tossed up hill.

Ethan is still not sure how he got off the four wheeler. All he remembers is hitting the ground and hitting his head. I have explained to him that there is only one explanation and that is God. And that even though we both got some lumps and bruises it was only by Gods divine intervention that we were able to walk away.

We have decided that we are not going to let the accident ruin the wonderful trip that we have had and cloud the memories of the time we have had on this trip together. That we will continue to focus on the plans that God has for us and why we are here.

So to focus on the positive:

Ethan’s first turkey (see previous posts for pics):

· 26lb

· 1” Spurs

· 10” Beard

For you gents that don’t turkey hunt. The largest turkey bagged in this region was 28lb. To get a turkey in itself is a big deal. To get one on your first hunt is a bigger deal. To get a trophy your first time is even a bigger deal. This was my forth time turkey hunting and Ethan’s first. This is my first time getting a turkey as well so to let the devil take the joy of Ethan and I getting our first turkey together we just can’t do.

Praise God and please continue to pray for us. Pray that we have a safe travels home.

Much love,
Brian & Ethan