Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Be Real Challenge

Ok, so I have been challenged "TO BE REAL"! Below are 20 REAL things about me...I figured 20 was a good start. After you've finished reading I hope you will accept the challenge to be real also!

I don’t mind getting out of bed *early* IF the rest of my family is still sleeping…Early meaning 7ish – I’m not getting up at 5am just to be alone.

I WAS a morning person before kids – SO STRANGE! – Now I find I have a need to stay up until at least 11pm in order to get the most out of my day.

I long to enjoy a hot cup of coffee uninterrupted and finishing it before it gets cold!!

Since we’re talking about coffee, I like mine plain (Maxwell House is perfect!) with non-dairy powdered creamer and splenda. NO FUNKY FLAVORS.

I don’t like to cook and I don’t like to go out – the solution – a live in chief. But that is not an option. SO I cook or we go out!

I only like the color brown. It’s safe, it’s warm, it’s neutral.

I have a severe germ fob when it comes to public restrooms. Really, I would rather the kids NOT wash their hands after using a public restroom than have them touch the facets or handles. It’s REALLY bad!!

I am simple!!! I like easy NO MAINTANCE friends who are flexible and easy going.

I do not like to dress up or be all fancy! I love chilling out, being real with the people I love and enjoy. (My husband, is the opposite, he loves to wear suits, go to fancy places and embrace the finer things in life. YUCK!)

I love having a houseful of people. Truly, I shoudda been a “Walton” My family and friends tease me by asking when we'll have a vacancy. We ALWAYS have someone staying with us!!

I really love a clean house but I HATE CLEANING. And I mean HATE IT…So I have resorted to help. Only a few people know this. I never would have dreamed of sharing this information if it weren’t for this blog challenge!!

While I am fully enjoying the summer and love having the kids home I have a count down on the calendar that I reference on the *tough* days! Knowing just how many days till school starts gets me through the moment.

I don't like meeting new people. I struggle in social settings. I always fear I won’t have anything to offer to keep the conversation going or that the “real, simple me” will show through and people will think/know I am dull and boring.

I totally struggle with vanity. I am NEVER pleased with my looks/weight/appearance/hair. I fully believe in plastic surgery and as soon as I can convince my husband I hope to have it from head to toe!! It is SAD, but the challenge was to be real!!

I have irrational fears that something will happen to one of my children or to Brian. I often have these vivid thoughts that something terrible or tragic has occurred.

I love my husband and kids SO MUCH it literally takes my breathe away.

I often feel inadequate. I feel like a failure and a fake. And I wonder what God saw in ME and why He chose ME…I so don’t deserve my life!

I want my life to really count. I want do something for God that REALLY matters. I try to do so many things for God that I miss being with God.

I have a sick desire to please everyone. To make everyone around me happy. I apologize for everything whether it was in my control or not. Sometimes it annoys even me.

I’m so afraid to fail that I don’t try to succeed.

Now that you know a little more about me and have probably signed me up for some type of group therapy...I hope you will take the time to be real too. We can be in therapy togetehr :-)


Nicole said...

Alright Jen I accept your challenge!

Anonymous said...

Great list. Glad to know the REAL you. And yup, we have a lot in common.

Bella's momma said...

Oh my friend, We have so VERY much in common!!! Reading your list actually comforted me, because I love and adore you so!!!

Have a wonderful 4th~


Stephanie said...

Jenny you truely are a wonderful person inside and out. WoW. I will take the Challenge. (I'll just copy your answers)love ya

April said...

I read this and then I called you but your weren't home. . . so I left you a zany message.

I love you, Jen!!! And I wish I could be 1/4 of the mother, wife, friend, and faithful servant you are. I'm just glad you put up with me and have for so long. But it's nice to know that someone I look to also has the same feelings, worries, and idiosyncrasies as me. =)

Anonymous said...

Here's my "be real". I'm totally jealous of your pool.

So there!

Bella's momma said...

I did it~ Feeling a little queezy but I did it!

Thank you for inspiring me yet again!

Bella's momma said...

Thank you for the loving comment you left! You are a such a blessing to me and my family!