Sunday, July 6, 2008

Horse Camp

Sadie has been looking forward to going to horse camp for months now. We promised her all school year that she could go this summer. Well, June was crazy busy with family and vacations and speech camp so we just never could fit it in...Until last week. Sadie headed off to horse camp with her helmet, her boots and her lunch. She was SO excited and couldn't wait. All along her brother and sister were saying NO WAY! They didn't want any part of it. That was UNTIL Madison got there to pick Sadie up at the end of the day. Madison litterally begged me to let her go. REALLY, My Madison - the one that HATES to be dirty, doesn't like anything that smells and has only been on a horse ONCE and for just 30 seconds because she demanded we get her off because he was gross!!! Well as you can tell from the pictures BOTH girls LOVED horse camp. They got to clean the stalls, feed and water the horses, groom the horses, shovel poop (YUCK!), and THEN finally ride. I am SO proud of them both.