Monday, July 21, 2008

A Child Waits

On Saturday we hosted an adoption reunion here at our home. There were 4 families that were able to make it. We all meet in 2003 when we each started our adoption journey's. At that time only one of the 4 couples had a (bio) child. On Saturday the same 4 couples now had 9 children. 8 of which were all brought home from various countries and joined to our families through adoption. Had the additional 2 couples been able to make it there would have been another 6 children brought home through adoption. Unbelievable!

I spent that evening celebrating the joy of adoption, my life, and the cherished friends I made on the journey.

Before bed I checked my emails one last time and I received this real picture of real children STILL waiting to belong to their forever families the same way my children and those that were here on Saturday do. They long to know a mom and dad, to be held, to be tucked in, to be read a bedtime story....My heart aches for these waiting children...Please look at their picture and pray with me that they have a forever family and that they are united soon!

Children depicted are 3 and 4 year old boys and girls from the Nadvirna Children's Home in Nadvirna, Ukraine. Photo by Melanie Bevan.


Anonymous said...

I would take all of them if I could. It breaks my heart almost everday. It is hard for me to understand why other people do not share in this same heartache. I am so glad to have met you though and know we share this same heart.