Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Ok, so my friends Dawn and Krista both did a post about their favorite things on their blogs. If I were all computer savvy I'd post the direct link to their names but I'm sorry to say I'm not so you'll just have to trust me :-).

Anyway I enjoyed their posts so much I decided to do one of my own. Below you will see a few of my favorite things:

These 4 people by far bring me the most joy in life!

Then there is Molly - the GREATEST dog ever!!!

And our pool - which is 1 month old today. This pool has brought us more family time, more time with friends and more down time than we ever imagined. What a blessing!!!

This may not look like much but it is EVERYTHING to my kids and their friends!! This is the empty lot next door to our house. Our kids love to play, dig, "hike" and whatever else their imagination thinks up. This place has made a mulitude of memories for our kids and for that reason alone I LOVE this land!

My TV - sad but true! I'm a reality TV show junkie! I love Jon & Kate + 8, Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Secret Life of a Soccer Mom... all of them but the dating ones.

These are our front doors and it's not the doors I love so much but the people who enter them! On Tuesday and Thursday nights we host Bible studies, through out the week we have several play dates, sleep overs, coffee talks, games nights...these may look like standard doors but they are actually revolving doors. Everyone that knows us knows we love having a house full!

Ok, so this may be my MOST favorite thing (aside from my husband and kids!). I love my coffee - actually I depend -on my coffee pot! I drink a full pot every morning and sometimes another cup or two in the evening. Coffee is what keeps me going. I love the way it smells, the way it tastes, they way it makes me feel. Everything about coffee makes me happy :-)

And finally, my computer. Oh, how I love her! She is so faithful and patient (I'm not the easiest user). She is dependable - morning, noon or night I can count on her! She's amazing and without her I'd not be where I am (on-line :-)!!